How to Minimize Little Irritants During Your CRM Implementation – the CRM Starter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Makes a BIG Difference

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The key to finding a good software vendor starts with evaluating their expertise. When it comes to your CRM software implementation, your consulting partner’s experience can make a BIG difference in the success of your business. At The TM Group, we take pride in both our business acumen and our technical expertise, and have taken it one step further by recently developing an innovative new add-on tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We have guided our clients through a high number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations and in doing so, have discovered certain little things lacking in Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s standard functionality that in every implementation we have to customize or modify.   To avoid these frustrations, greater streamline the implementation process, and save our client’s money, we’ve created the CRM Starter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Here are just a few examples of the features of The TM Group’s CRM Starter:

  • Standardized Customer Views: Most of our clients need or want to customize the view for their account and contact information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have built this right into the CRM Starter so that no matter where the client does the look up, inside or outside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the same format is available, making queries quick and easy.
  • Opportunity Revenue Estimates: When your sales team adds an opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM at a certain % to close in the sales cycle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will now automatically calculate the weighted percentage of revenue you're estimated to receive from that opportunity. This feature of the CRM Starter lets you know where you’re at in the sales pipeline in relation to how much you will probably be closing at any given time.
  • Less Data Entry: Entering new accounts and/or contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be a tedious task. Our Zip Code enhancement of the CRM Starter makes this just a little easier. When you put in the zip code for a new contact, the city and state are automatically populated.
  • Import Verification: When users are importing information, this feature of the CRM Starter verifies the accuracy of the data, helping reduce entry error and save time from dealing with inaccuracies in the software.

We have found that the CRM Starter for Microsoft Dynamics is a huge value-add to our clients. By implementing the CRM Starter up-front, our CRM consulting team can also better focus on our clients' business processes and spend less time on fixing things that we have had to modify or customize repeatedly in previous implementations. It has helped us deepen our experience as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting partner, and in-turn provided many helpful benefits back to our clients.

 The CRM Starter from The TM Group is continuously improving. We continue to discover new enhancements as we go and add them to the CRM Starter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This tool saves clients a lot of time and money with a low cost of $25/user with $2,500 maximum cost.

 By The TM Group, Michigan  Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and SharePoint


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