Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Key for Communication

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A Speech Pathology, Educational Therapy and Orofacial Myology agency was in desperate need of maximizing their use of their existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.  The platform was mildly configured, but they knew they should be getting more out of their CRM system. They were referred to The TM Group by an independent software vendor and partner of ours, who knew of our sterling reputation and highly regarded capabilities to architect, design, and infuse CRM into the agency’s practice and ensure they use the product to its fullest capabilities.

 One of the first priorities for the agency was to begin using sales opportunities to determine estimated revenue per month. Attaching estimated revenue, estimated close date, and probability factors to each opportunity assisted with determining future revenue stream.  A sales stage workflow was created to drive a user through the sales opportunity process.  For example, when a new opportunity was identified and entered into CRM, the opportunity would be assigned a sales stage of “Initial Contact”, a probability percentage of 20%, and a task would be generated for the office administrator to contact the family to schedule an initial evaluation along with gathering the proper intake paperwork.  Once that task is completed, it progresses to the next stage of the opportunity (i.e. - sales cycle) along with assigning a higher probability percentage. An estimated weighted revenue was also calculated at each stage (probability percentage multiplied by estimated revenue) to receive a more accurate picture for forecasting. 

The second priority was to stop storing their documents on a File Server and to start using Microsoft SharePoint.  They wanted to use SharePoint to manage the documents for their clients, to take advantage of SharePoint’s advanced document management capabilities.  Integrating SharePoint and CRM provided users the ability to manage SharePoint documents within the CRM opportunity records. 

 Using CRM and Microsoft SharePoint integrated, the agency can now add the family’s documents right into the opportunity. A folder is then created for each client in SharePoint, security is applied to each folder and the therapists have the ability go into that secure folder and add their notes and documentation in order to stay current.  They can access folders directly through SharePoint or through CRM.  Documents are stored on SharePoint and can also be accessed through CRM because of the seamless integration. 

 Creating a dashboard showing estimated revenue and weighted estimated revenue by sales stage was their third priority.   We created this dashboard and several more allowing the agency to better evaluate the movement of opportunities through the sales stage process and better ascertain their future financial expectations. They also now have Dashboards display the current, future and completed tasks.

 In closing, one of the most exciting aspects of this project was that the entire project was performed online since the agency was in California and The TM Group in in Michigan.  By using Skype, webcasts, webcams, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant Kelly Rose made this endeavor seem so personal, as if this client was right next door to us as opposed to being across the country.

With 2013 just starting, now is the time to take command of your business processes and make your move to create the best and make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.  We would be delighted to assist you in obtaining your CRM goals. Please call The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at for more information.

Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski, The TM Group Marketing Manager;

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