Our 4 Favorite Ways to Add Social Media to your CRM Software

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Social media is invading nearly every aspect of business.  There seems to be a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter link on nearly every website, print ad, and commercial ads.  If you aren’t using social media to reach out to your customers, then you could be missing important opportunities. Tools that listen to social media streams are especially beneficial for businesses these days; even more so when you’re able to manage social media as well as interact with your followers. Adding social media to your customer management strategy is important because, to be quite blunt- if you don’t listen to your prospects, they won’t listen to you. Competition is also fierce with most companies leveraging social media to their benefit. It is definitely time to join the club if you haven’t already.

So I have made my case. But how do you even get started? First, you will want to figure out the capabilities of your current CRM software. Can you leverage it and the tools within to incorporate social media? Some CRM software solutions have advanced social media features while others are still waiting it out (to no avail, in my opinion).

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, for example, is ahead of the game and paving the way for advanced social media management within CRM. Here are a few of our favorite features:

  1. Monitored Activity: You can set it up so you have tracking abilities within social media sites to see who’s posting to your page or asking questions. Reactivity as well as proactivity is attained by having this insight. Notifications help companies stay on track and respond in a timely manner.
  2. Basic Analytics: You can see the actual impact you’re having in the social media world, helping you analyze and adjust to create the most effective social media strategy possible.
  3. Dashboard Management: All of this is possible through an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard. Right next to all your other customer information and email.

Contact us at Sikich to learn more about adding social media features to your CRM. There’s no reason to delay the inevitable. Give us a call!

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Chicago IL Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO


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