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Sikich's Logo Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Listening for Oil and Gas

Social media is transforming the business-to-customer relationship. With social media monitoring, oil and gas companies can respond to customers via social channels, develop a voice in the industry, and get […]

Sikich's Logo Make Marketing Count with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In today’s organizations, sales productivity begins with the marketing team. However, where do marketing teams begin? The problem: Organizations are missing the tools necessary to implement a streamlined marketing campaign which amplifies […]

Sikich's Logo 3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Takeaways

Today, more than ever, organizations’ need their software to be productive. Consequently, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 delivers a business software that is modern and easy-to use. Here are three Microsoft […]

Sikich's Logo Grow Your Small Business with Microsoft Social Listening

Previously, for small businesses, communicating face-to-face was critical, because it was the personal touch customers were looking for. However, in today’s world, B2B customers are more likely to use social […]

Sikich's Logo Build Relationships in Less Time With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Insights

It is all about building relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Insights. Social Insights, powered by InsideView, delivers data, insights, and connections directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and is available […]

Sikich's Logo New Features with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Big things are coming with 2014’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM release. Microsoft announced the release of new additions to its Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. These features will arrive alongside the next […]

Sikich's Logo Chicagoland Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Launch

    There is a lot of great buzz (deservedly so!) around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Launch.  For those of us who have been avid fans since the beginning, […]

Sikich's Logo Marketing Videos: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing and Marketing Automation

Did you know that the adoption of marketing automation technology is expected to increase by 50% by 2015*?  And one of the best ways to ensure that you capture every lead from […]

Sikich's Logo 4 Wonderful Things About Convergence 2013

It has been nearly a decade since I attended a Convergence conference, which is Microsoft’s annual get together of users, experts and partners. When I first attended there were hundreds […]

Sikich's Logo Top CRM Trends for 2013: Focus on the Customer, Not the Technology

The top customer relationship management (CRM) trends for 2013 were outlined in a recent Forrester blog by William Bland.   The second trend, “Companies will transform to become experience-driven organizations,” really […]


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