Achieve Customer Satisfaction With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Through Multiple Touch Points

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This article caught my eye because it touches on three industries where CRM is key to customer satisfaction.  Also, because Crestwood Associates has several customer in each of these industries.

  1. Wealth management and private banking division of financial service companies.
  2. Computers, peripherals and equipment distribution in the wholsale B2B domain.
  3. Patient relationship management in the healthcare domain.

We have several customers in wealth management and financial services that have achieved high customer satisfaction using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  To help achieve that goal, we have implemented Galeforce for Financial Services at several of these customers as an enhancement to Dynamics CRM to be able to track the nuances in the financial services industry rather than developing unique functionality from scratch.  Our customers treat each client as a king or queen and are able to personalize communications and ensure compliance with regulatory authorities.

In the computer hardware domain, we have several customers that have tackled management of sales opportunities through Dynamics CRM and maintained global organizations within Dynamics CRM to track logistics and opportunites through the sales process.   Large companies have sophisticated demands and due to Crestwood’s development skills as well as Dynamics CRM expertise, we were able to deliver custom solutions for our customers that were a perfect fit.  We continue to get called back to work on more projects for these happy customers.

Patient relationship management is another domain in which we have several Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP customers.  A system such as Dynamics CRM has intricate security that can be used to make sure information stays private.  We can create custom entities to track information that helps us deliver excellent customer service to their patients.  Dynamics CRM tracks what services the patients need and can share information through customer self service web portals and targeted marketing to get them the information they need.  You can do scheduling of appointments in Dynamics CRM as well as track referrals.

Contact us at Crestwood Associates for more examples of success stories with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager, at Crestwood Associates, your Chicago, Illinois area Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

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