Advantages of Email Marketing Integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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There are many advantages to integrating your email marketing efforts with your CRM database.  By synchronizing your email marketing data with your CRM system, you'll be improving communication, customer relations, and company efficiency.

In particular, integration has a number of benefits for both the sales and marketing teams. Integration will provide the sales team with a "big picture" view of larger company marketing campaigns. This means that they can better time their sales conversations by understanding what offers and messages have recently been shared with prospects. The sales team can focus their efforts on the prospects that marketing analytics show to be the most engaged and responsive to email marketing campaigns.

CRM/database integration with email offers email marketers many benefits, from seamless campaign targeting, to maintaining consistent data between multiple locations, to better productivity for the marketer. The marketing team has a clearer understanding of which messages and campaigns are having the biggest impact on the bottom line, allowing them to target their email messages even more effectively. By taking advantage of this data, the marketing team can further segment email lists rather than trying to create a workaround within the sales program. And while the sales team is focused on closing hot leads, marketing can focus on developing the warm leads via trigger campaigns and other communications until the prospects are closer to making a purchase.

Depending on your CRM system and email marketing tools, the integration requirements can vary. Be sure to take the time to do your research so you have a strong understanding of the capabilities, possibilities, and the resources needed for integration.

By Tejal Patel, Consultant at NexusTek, Inc., your Denver, Colorado area Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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