Microsoft Dynamics Helps Agency Manage Application Process

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Yes you know CRM systems for sales and marketing functions but Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being implemented throughout organizations in many non-traditional functions.

In one case, a New Jersey government agency implemented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM to manage its application management process.  The agency runs a financial assistance program for New Jersey families whose children have an illness or condition otherwise uncovered by insurance, State or Federal programs, or other source, such as fundraising.

Areas addressed by Microsoft Dynamics CRM function:

  • Centralized Database of Household and Applicant data
  • Management of New and Existing Applicants / Children and the activities throughout the process
  • Accurate and Timely Reports, e.g. Commission Meeting Pay Out Reports
  • Management and Maintenance of ICD9 Codes with child’s illness
  • Expense Tracking for Child – ability to track details of each expense

RSM is also creating a website eligibility application to allow families to fill out a short form online so that they can be quickly evaluated for eligibility before sending them the detailed part 2 of the application. This information is integrated with Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics CRM was selected for its ease of implementation and user adoption – the common interface with all Microsoft application also exists in Dynamics solutions.  This includes integration with Microsoft Outlook to provide email and calendar tracking by contact and account.

Another key reason for its selection was the flexibility of configuring the system and developing workflows around the processes.  Microsoft refers to this as xRM.  The solution can easily be configured according to any relationship that organizations want managed.

By:  Tammy Zeoli, RSM – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application Management for Government Agencies Specialist

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