Expanding B2B E-mail Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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How many tools do you use to automate your e-mail marketing, create custom landing pages, generate leads, provide web analytics, and analyze leads?  Now does it integrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM? SalesFUSION 360 has a toolkit of products that makes all of these tasks easy and for a reasonable monthly fee.  The Quick Start program gets you off and running with your first campaign.

SalesFUSION has built enhanced integration directly into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform for both premise-based and hosted versions of Dynamics CRM 4.0.

Key features of MS Dynamics Integration

  • SalesFUSION automatically replicates the custom fields and data in your Dynamics CRM Account, Contact and Lead tables.  This allows you to create segmentations on your database for direct e-mails with personalized content.
  • SalesFusion will pull the Opportunities from Microsoft CRM for integration with our Multi-Channel Marketing component.  This allows you to track the ROI of all your marketing activities including email, registration forms, landing pages from search engines, Google keywords, Personal URLs (PURL), and other events like radio and T.V. placements.
  • SalesFUSION will pull the users allocated to Microsoft CRM to allow for tight integration with Salesperson alerts.  A salesperson that is assigned to a lead or contact will be instantly notified when a person enters and leaves the website.  In addition, the Email Subscriptions component allows a salesperson to see instant activity on his registration forms and surveys.
  • Lead Scoring – SalesFUSION’s Lead Analyzer can score contacts and leads based on user-defined variables.  These variables include web history, email campaign actions, database attributes, and results to forms and surveys.  This information can be pushed back into Microsoft CRM to create hot lead reports.
  • Campaign History – Shows campaign and email response history in the lead/contact/account record in MS CRM
  • Unsubscribe Integration – leads that unsubscribe in either system are automatically updated
  • Nurturing Campaigns – When adding  Contacts or Leads, they can then be enrolled in drip/nurture marketing campaigns.
  • Web Activity History – SalesFUSION will push all web activity for a given contact or lead into the contact’s activity history giving you a complete history of the contact's activities.

By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager, at Crestwood Associates, your Chicago, Illinois area Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

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