Professional Associations Build Event Success With Dynamics CRM

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In the best of times Professional and Trade Associations have to plan and hold events that deliver real value to their members.  To justify the investment of time and money, members must see the benefit to themselves and make the case to employers. In difficult economic times, Associations need to work even harder to build events that members don’t want to miss.

With Dynamics CRM, Professional Associations can use their membership data to build events that maximize the value to their members.  Some of the ways that CRM can help include:

  • Map the location of members to choose an event venue that minimizes cost for a majority of members
  • Analyze previous session and event attendance to focus on content that is meaningful
  • Poll members to gauge interest and invite content suggestions
  • Monitor hot topics and build event buzz using social media
  • Identify certification or training needs that could be supported at the event

This list is just a small sample of ways Professional Associations can take advantage of centralized information about their members to deliver more value.  The flexibility of Dynamics CRM allows collection and analysis of whatever data is important to the organization – from certifications to hobbies.  Integration with social media and the web, allows the organization to reach members wherever they are.

Make sure your Professional Association builds events that deliver value with Dynamics CRM. Contact Steve Kane at 301-634-2404 or to find out how BroadPoint Technologies, the premier Dynamics CRM reseller in Virginia, can help you support your members.

by BroadPoint Technologies, A Virginia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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