Constant Contact vs CoreMotives: Which Add-on is Better for Customer Tracking?

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It seems like everyone interested in email marketing is using Constant Contact and while I agree, it’s a great solution, you could use a tool like CoreMotives and extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with email marketing plus much more.

Yes, it includes email marketing with tracking features like click-thru rates, bounces, and unsubscribes.  But with integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it also includes triggered follow-up activities based on how a recipient interacts with an email.

And sure, surveys with this tool are not a problem and integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is included but where this tool really shines, is its web intelligence and lead scoring features.

Web Intelligence provides your organization with insights into the behavior of your web visitors.  You will know which of your Accounts, Contacts, and Leads are visiting your web site, the source of their most recent visit, how they are interacting with the site, and their length of stay.

Lead scoring allows you to rank leads based on interactions with your organization.  The benefit of lead scoring is that marketing can direct those leads based on their stages within the sales process.  Organizations are implementing this process because it ensures salespeople are spending their time effectively and acting on leads with minimal delay.

Can you imagine how this will change the way you market?

So while I endorse Constant Contact as an effective email marketing tool,  I would encourage those organization looking to take their sales and marketing efforts to the next level to consider the features of Core Motives.

By:  Tammy Zeoli, RSM  – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Specialist

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