Expand Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Capabilities With Access Hoover’s

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes robust out-of-the-box capabilities for marketing, such as data cleansing/segmentation tools, campaign management, and marketing analytics.  These features alone can increase the effectiveness of a company’s marketing programs and help marketing staff track key metrics more easily.  In addition to the incredible core marketing functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are many great add-ons that can enhance these core features!  One add-on InterDyn – Remington Consulting personally uses is Access Hoover’s, and we recommend all companies who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to consider this add-on.   

Access Hoover’s is a seamlessly integrated CRM solution from Hoover’s, a Dun & Bradstreet company.  Access Hoover’s works with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Demand (Hosted) and On-Premise, and provides marketing and sales staff access to Hoover’s global database of more than 32 million companies - directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM!  You may ask, what does this do for me?  Well, it can help you strategically find key companies and contacts within industries you want to target and market your products and services to, and allows you to have the most up-to-date information for all companies in your database at all times.  Additionally, you can easily update and verify over 50 data points to enhance the information you have already gathered for your prospects and current clients at the click of a button - no more manual data entry which helps reduce errors and saves you time!  For companies that want to cross sell their products or services into other departments at current customers, Access Hoover’s CRM integration can be invaluable! 

One feature InterDyn – Remington Consulting cannot live without is the ability to create customized marketing lists within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have the lists imported directly into Leads and/or Accounts for marketing campaigns.  For example, if we wanted to market Microsoft Dynamics CRM to health industry product providers, such as companies that sell medical devices, we could create a list based on the respective SIC or NAICS codes for our region and have the data directly imported into CRM.  Additionally, with the latest Access Hoover’s Release 4, we can now attach the Hoover’s First Research Industry Profile directly to the Lead or Account in CRM.  This saves our sales team significant time when preparing for prospecting calls and is a huge costs savings, as Hoover’s First Research can run around $4,000 for 5 licenses, and with Access Hoover’s for Microsoft Dynamics CRM this functionality is now included at no additional charge!

Hoover’s continues to be a leader in providing proprietary business information, and we find it extremely exciting to know we can access this information directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Contact InterDyn – Remington Consulting to find out more about this feature and how it can be an easy and cost-effective way to help increase your sales and marketing efforts! 

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner in Portland, OR

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  1. Yes of course. But how is it poissble that the major company in desktop operating systems can make such a choice?My point is that proprietary software business models can also hijacks users' security for commercial purposes.In Free Software markets, this would never be a business opportunity to sacrifice users' security.

  2. I am interested in learing more about how we can resell your solution. I am equally interested in learning how we could use this module in our internal CRM installation. Thanks.

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