Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM at High Tech Companies

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At the heart of every high tech company are front-and back-office business pro­cesses that are ripe for unifying.  With all of today’s investment in enterprise applications, it still puzzles me how often I find global high tech companies with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems that don’t work together.  Moreover, while the majority of high tech companies already have some form of ERP and CRM capabilities, most do not have a solution designed expressly for their unique industry requirements.

Only a unified, high tech-specific ERP and CRM solution can deliver the highest level of visibility and control firms need today to continue innovating at a rapid pace and increase market and customer responsiveness, while controlling costs and adhering to standardized business processes.

Armanino Consulting has announced this week the availability of just such a solution for Microsoft Dynamics.  It is the only fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics solution for high tech companies to drive business processes across front office organizations such as sales and customer service and back office functions that include finance, manufacturing, and service.

Better yet, the solution is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), which means that an independent evaluation team has certified this solution is built and designed within the Microsoft guidelines for software development compatibility, support, and upgradability.   The solution also comes unified out of the box.  Now both ERP and CRM work together without the need for a 3rd party middleware application to manage data integration… ERP and CRM come pre-configured to unify your business processes across departments and application functionality.

So if you are looking for Design Win, Sales and Production Forecasting, a Product Configurator, or software Portals to manage supply chains and distribution channels, a Microsoft Dynamics deployment from Armanino Consulting can now support your requirements out-of-the-box. To learn more give us a call or read our whitepaper on the Microsoft Dynamics solution for High Tech companies.

By Scott Mangelson, CRM Practice Leader at Armanino Mckenna – the West Coast’s largest Gold Certified, Microsoft CRM Partner in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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  1. CRM software helps to leverage the business sales.They have reached its peak such a way that, they have plan to integrate it with social networking sites.

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