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InterDyn BMI's Logo Getting The Basics Down Right To Turn More Leads Into Customers

A business’s online presence is the modern version of ‘getting your foot in the door’.  As soon as a prospect takes a look at your website, decisions are being made […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Improve Customer Satisfaction And Develop Customer Loyalty With CRM

Customer satisfaction has never been more important than it is right now in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace.  Learn how to satisfy your customers and develop deep customer loyalty […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Turn Selling Into Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Not long ago businesses relied on traditional media such as clever print ads and commercials to promote their products or services. Now we have entered the digital era and customers […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Forcing Field Requirements upon Closing a Case or Opportunity

When resolving Cases or closing Opportunities in CRM, sometimes you want to be sure to capture specific information that is important to your company before the CRM Case or Opportunity […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Are You Reaching The Right Customers On The Right Platforms?

There have never been more opportunities for promoting a product, service, or your business than there are today.  In addition to traditional print and media advertisements, there is a whole […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo New Features in CRM 2015

Lots of new and useful functionality is available with the latest Dynamics CRM offering from Microsoft, CRM 2015. The 2015 release comes closely on the heels of the major CRM […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Don’t Invest In Marketing Efforts That Do Not Deliver ROI

Popular social site, Facebook, makes a good point – don’t advertise on their platform unless you can determine that you’ll have a return on your investment (ROI). This suggestion that […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo 3 Ways To Get Ready For A Great Year: For Your Customers

Many businesses have taken some time to make plans for the 2015 year which include improving business processes, products, and looking for ways to improve profits.  This is also a […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Do You Hear Your Customers Or The Sound of Silence?

As you look back to see how well your business did during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, be sure to listen in on what your customers are […]

InterDyn BMI's Logo Putting Customer Needs First To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Being proactive and anticipating customer needs shows how much you value your customers.  Not only do your customers appreciate the personalized attention, you can use this insight to make strategic […]


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