Insider Tips To A Successful CRM Implementation

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How do we determine authenticity? From “fake news,” to Nigerian Princes who want to share millions with us, to tv doctors promoting the latest cure-all, how can we know who to trust? Sometimes, it is obvious (chances are nobody is trying to give you a million dollars.)

But what about other everyday decisions we need to make personally and for our business. What criteria do we use in deciding what’s best for us?

Many times we put our trust in the big brand names. Have you ever heard the adage: “nobody ever got fired betting on IBM?”

At one point in time, when IBM was at the top of their game, that adage would have pointed you in the right direction. But times and technology have changed, and IBM didn’t keep up with new technology and customer demands.

So there’s risk involved with relying on big names. Will they be able to continue meeting their commitments and delivering what we need? Do they understand how the world is changing, and will they adjust to stay out front?

When it comes to CRM implementations, it’s sad but true that many things can go wrong and sabotage your organization’s investment.

Depending on which research expert you listen to, forty to seventy percent of CRM projects fail to meet expectations.  A lot of time and money is invested in a CRM solution only to have it prove disappointing within a year or so. Money has been lost, time has been wasted, and the business is left with the same problems it sought to solve with the new CRM solution. Maybe your organization can afford wasted money, but who can afford wasted time?

The importance of CRM

As customers become more demanding, more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, a properly chosen and implemented CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution will allow your team to meet their needs and deliver consistent, high-quality customer experiences. Without such positive experiences, you lose all hope of customer loyalty.

Here are a few specific tips:

  • Your CRM project is only an asset if it delivers what you need, what your customers need, what your employees need, and adds value to your business.
  • Of course, a well-implemented CRM can do many things. But it will only do those things if your team is using the software properly. To get full CRM user adoption, you must focus on making it practical, simple, and easy for your team to use.
  • It’s not about what features your management team wants. That’s easy. All management teams want the same thing: an efficient, smooth-running system.
  • The question should be, “how do we set up CRM to make the lives of our people easier? How do we make them look at CRM as their best friend?” If you accomplish that, your management goals will be met as a natural result of the front-line team adopting the software.

So a robust CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is crucial. But how can you find a reliable Partner to perform the implementation?

The Azamba way

At Azamba, we take CRM implementations beyond good intentions. One of the fundamental things we do differently is to offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on our services.

Clients learn that it’s not just lip service when we talk about customer-focus.  We are sincerely dedicated to our customers and their success. If we don’t hit the mark, we put our money where our mouth is and provide a refund. We’re not perfect. But we strive to be.

We focus on working with customers that we feel we can help. We may not be the perfect fit for every firm, and that’s ok. If you are looking for a CRM solution and we know we can help you best,  let’s make the magic happen. If not, we’ll recommend a company that might be better suited for you. It’s that simple.

The path forward

We understand what a huge risk there is with moving forward on business investments. For us, the path is clear. We will continue to stand behind our services and offer expert performance and our CRM implementation money-back guarantee.

If you are interested in purchasing a CRM solution and want to know more about our Azamba guarantee, contact our team and let’s talk about how we can help.

By Azamba Consulting Group,


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  1. There is a huge range of items to browse when hoping to support your client connections. However, on account of independent venture CRM, more isn't in every case better. Now and then, private companies become involved with the quest for a CRM with all the fancy odds and ends to "rival the enormous folks" or mechanize more zones of their business. Be that as it may, excessively complex programming can really hurt a private venture's possibility at a fruitful CRM establishment.

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