Dynamics CRM Workflows to Upload Documents to SharePoint

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In this post I wish to demonstrate two workflows to automate the upload of documents from Notes to SharePoint, with metadata from the regarding entity to the note, and a workflow to update metadata columns in SharePoint, when the value of an attribute (field) is changed.

The workflows are part of Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) when synchronizing metadata captured in CRM to SharePoint. Details of Dynamics SPO functionalities are described in THIS POST, and free trial can be downloaded from THIS URL.


Workflow 1: Update metadata columns in SharePoint

This simple workflow is very important when using metadata navigation. As an example. We have a Project entity in CRM. When project is implemented, the project stages are updated in CRM. At each project stage documents arrive CRM as attachments to Emails and as attachments to Notes. In SharePoint, when a document is uploaded from Email or Note, the related metadata columns in SharePoint are updated by the content of selected attributes / records’ fields. One of the metadata fields is the Project Stage. This one step workflow is triggered when Project Stage is modified, and it updates the corresponding SharePoint column with the current Project Stage.


Workflow 2: Auto upload documents as they are attached to Notes.

Using the same Project entity described above, we wish the workflow to upload the documents to a defined SharePoint folder and with metadata from the Project attributes. The tricky part is what triggers the workflow. When configuring Dynamics SPO functionality for an entity, we select fields that will be used as metadata. Notes do not have meaningful attributes, while the regarding entity (Project, in this case) does have the required metadata. We need to trigger the workflow when new note is created which then triggers a Project workflow to upload the document from the Note, as well as the metadata from the project record.

The complete workflow is available here:






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