Why Aren't You Using SharePoint with Dynamics CRM 2011?

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With the release of Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft provides an out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint. Even if you don't take full advantage of the complete capabilities of a SharePoint integration, you'll certainly want to turn this feature on. At a minimum, you'll be able to share your CRM documents across your organization.

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it was technically possible to link up with SharePoint, but this required custom work. Now the integration is much easier.

On the MS CRM side, you'll need to go into Settings and then navigate into Document Management. This will take you into a little wizard that asks you to select the entities – Appointments, Campaigns, etc. – whose documents you'd like exported into Microsoft SharePoint.

On the other side, you'll need to let SharePoint know that it will be communicating with MS Dynamics CRM 2011. Microsoft has a script for your system administrator to load that does all the behind-the-scenes configuration.

Now, when you associate a document to one of the entities you selected earlier, you'll be able to push them into a MS SharePoint directory. To do this, you simply access the “Documents” entry in the left-navigation panel for that entity and Dynamics CRM will list the locations you can drop the document into.

With this integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM-related documents become instantly accessible and searchable by even non-Dynamics users. It's a convenient way to collaborate with other departments throughout your company.

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