It's easier to create workflows in Dynamics 365 with the Visual Process Designer Feature

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enCloud9 Visual process designer
The third edition of our Blog Series on Dynamics 365 is here and today's topic is for the developers - the hard working consultants and customizers who work behind the scenes to ensure that your Dynamics 365 works smooth like butter.

As a developer myself who frequently creates business process flows for my clients I have often thought that there had to be a simpler process to create and modify the flow. We often use Visio as a tool to document the processes our clients request us to develop and it amazes me how this documentation clarifies the process for everyone involved.  Once we have client buy-in we use the Visio template to design our business process flow in Dynamics CRM.

encloud9 visual pr


The new visual process designer brings drag-and-drop design capabilities to Dynamics 365 for business process flows, task flows, and business recommendation For business process flows, the designer enables composition scenarios with workflows that can be configured to automatically execute on certain events to manipulate data or other processes

Processes include full security support, meaning they are only available to approved roles. Process records are externally available through the SDK for custom applications such as PowerApps and Power BI.

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