Jinan Construction Generates 300 Legal Contracts with Merge Fields from Dynamics CRM

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Jinan Construction is a Chinese company developing multi-storey residential towers in countries like Australia and Asia. Flat’s prospects and buyers are managed with Dynamics CRM. The CRM solution includes, among other entities, the Legal Contract entity that stores the purchaser’s details and child entities (1:N) to manage payments schedule, clients requests for custom design and price per each item, as well as other related details that needs to be merged in a Legal Contract, and emailed as a PDF file to hundreds of solicitors representing the buyer. Each residential tower can have close to 300 units. Processing large number of documents is time consuming and prone to human errors.

The solution they chose is Dynamics Docs.

With Dynamics Docs you can insert fields to a document from any entity and its linked entities. Child records (1:N) to the primary entity, are inserted to the document in tables, a records per each row. Good examples for such records are lists of milestones, progress payment, deliverable and receivable that each side to an agreement is committed to perform at a predefined time frame and method.

Users can easily edit the Docs Template by inserting placeholders.  A placeholder is text within double “smaller than” and “greater than” symbols. The text can only have characters, digits and underscores. Here are some examples of valid placeholders:

<<My_Client_Name>>   <<AddressOne>>   <<Current_Date1>>    <<Total_Amount_4>>

Each placeholder is a location on the document and it’s assigned with an attribute (field) from CRM.

Assigning of attributes is a click and insert process that every user can easily perform. When completed and saved to template, the document is ready to be used manually, by clicking on Dynamics Docs Button in the Form or List views or automatically, created in background with CRM Workflow.

Read this short tutorial on how to insert placeholder in template

Have your own hands-on experience creating Docs Templates- Download the solution here

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