Using CRM 2015's "Calculated" Field for Email Stats

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Dynamics CRM 2015 includes a new type of field called “Calculated.”  This field will calculate an equation you set using other number fields on the entity. This has so many great possibilities. In this post, we’ll cover a scenario where this can be used on a ClickDimensions Email Send.

Scenario: Currently, you can view the Open Rate for an Email Send on the statistics charts, but you would like to see Open Rate in a field on the form and/or use it in reports. (We will probably add this feature to our solution in the future, but for now you can use this method or apply this method to other scenarios.)

Reminder: This will only be available if you have CRM 2015.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System.

Step 2: On the left of that window go to Entities > Email Send > Fields > New.

Step 3: Fill in the Display Name and optionally the Description.

Step 4: In the Data Type field choose “Whole Number” or “Decimal Number” depending on how precise you want to be.


Step 5: In the Field Type choose “Calculated”


Step 6: Then click on the “Edit” button.


Step 7: Put the following equation in the Action section:

(cdi_uniqueopenscount / cdi_messagecount) * 100

It will bring a dropdown as you start typing so that you can choose the field you want. You should end up with this:


Step 8: After saving and publishing this field, you can add it to the form on the Email Send if you want. It will immediately calculate this for all of your Email Sends. You can now use this in any CRM reports, charts, or views.



by ClickDimensions

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