SalesFUSION goes 'native' with Dynamics CRM 2013

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Veteran Marketing Automation software provider, SalesFUSION, unveils native integration of it's popular marketing automation platform for Dynamics CRM 2013 in new webinar series.  

Five ways Marketing Automation will improve your Microsoft CRM deployment in 2014 - an on-demand webinar. Click to Watch

As Microsoft brings to market the significantly "different" version of Dynamics CRM in its 2013 edition, SalesFUSION has continued to find innovative ways to integrate its popular marketing automation platform with Microsoft.   An ISV partner of Microsoft's since January, 2009, SalesFUSION has managed to cultivate a client/fan base of Microsoft CRM users that appreciate the industrial strength of the application and how seamlessly it connects critical marketing intelligence and lead management process into Microsoft CRM.

The focus of b2b marketing in 2014 and beyond will clearly be about engaging with buyers who are leveraging the social web to perform a significant amount of self selling  on the web.  The "old" way of b2b sales, like traditional cold calling, has become all but extinct.   Successful companies today will be the ones that can harness the power of the social web and optimize the interactions with buyers by presenting a varied and valuable array of content in multiple channels.  For CRM users, marketing and sales alignment will become the norm and integration of key top-of-the-funnel technologies, like SalesFUSION, with traditional CRM will help ensure a rich pipeline for their sales teams.

As will be covered in the live webinar series by SalesFUSION, there are 5 key ways a well-deployed marketing automation system can dramatically improve your CRM (and your top-live revenue to boot).   Each is described below:

Marketing Automation will facilitate prospect/sales personnel engagement

How?  With website visitor tracking, combined with lead scoring and routing, the marketing system can identify high-value prospects as they engage with you on the web and in social networks.  Alerts will notify sales and assigned tasks for immediate follow up when prospects score to an agreed upon level.  The engagement is helped along by the lead routing and alerting built into the marketing system, which, in turn, is connected to Dynamics.   It has been proven time an again that when sales connects with leads quickly following a web engagement, conversion to opportunity is significantly higher.

Marketing Automation will keep CRM clean and eliminate lead leakage

How?  With advanced lead scoring and analysis, only the leads who have engaged at a high level will trigger the actions that push them to crm, alert sales and trigger a follow up activity.  Unqualified suspects will be retained in the marketing system until such time that they either score up and over (to crm) or move out via unsubscribing or natural lead attrition.

Marketing will eliminate lead leakage by facilitating nurturing of cold leads

How?  Let's assume sales follows up on a lead and diligently makes a number of call attempts.  At some point, if they do not connect, sales personnel will naturally move on.  The lead may very well have interest in your product/service long term but is not ready for a phone call.  Rather than cast the lead off into the wasteland of your dead lead file, a sales person need only change the lead status in Dynamics and SalesFUSION will pick up where sales left off.  Leads will be enrolled in content-rich nurture campaigns that continue automated communications with the cold lead until such time they begin to interact again.  If so, the lead alerting kicks back in and encourages that coveted person-to-person engagement.

Sales will be alerted in real-time of high value activity

How?  With embedded website tracking, lead alerts, lead routing and advanced lead workflow, sales will be notified immediately when high-value interactions occur with prospective buyers.

Marketing Automation will give sales insights and information they can use to improve "first call" interactions

How?  With its industry-unique marketing intelligence dashboard, SalesFUSION will present a rich history of marketing interaction data to sales in a format that they care about.  Presented graphically, and with one-button access in Dynamics, sales can quickly evaluate past marketing activity to plan an effective first call.

Many exciting developments are afoot for Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION in 2014.  Marketing Automation will transform and improve how sales engages with prospects at the moment they are most interested and likely to take your call.

by SalesFusion


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