Dynamics CRM Developers Do Amazing Things with Editable CRM Grid

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developerGood developers just have a sixth sense that allows them to look at a tool and think of all the new ways they can tweak it and use it to go above and beyond the normal expectations.

We have found this to be true of our EditAble CRM Grid tool.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM users love it because it allows them to have Excel- like editable grids on their Dynamics CRM forms (or pages). This means they can make updates to multiple rows without opening account records, and perform complex calculations and groupings.

Then the Dynamics CRM developers get their hands on it and some of the things they are doing with EditAble CRM Grid are pretty amazing.

AbleBridge offers an API (application programming interface) into the EditAble CRM Grid so developers can completely extend outside the grid.

For example:

  • You can put the grid on a portal. It is feeding in information from different systems but you can still take advantage from the different attributes right off the grid.
  • We have customers that are building true XRM type applications just using the grids. It's a tool that allows them to build very rich applications using Dynamics CRM as the platform.
  • You can set it up to do completely different types of calculations or set fields to be highlighted in certain colors.
  • One company built a complete commission tracking module using Dynamics CRM as the baseline and extending it with the flexibility of the EditAble CRM Grid.

You can do all of that by extending the Editable CRM Grid with our API.

If you are a Dynamics CRM Developer that is looking for a flexible tool to add value to your next creative project, contact AbleBridge to learn more about the EditAble CRM Grid.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, www.AbleBridge.com

Twitter: @AbleBridge

Image credit: www.placeit.net

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  1. We are installing latest bDynamic CRM. Everything seems admin configurable - why would we need CRM development or 3rd party specialists?

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