Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connect to LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn is the chief business-oriented social media site that millions of professionals around the world use for job-hunting, resume promotion, networking and customer connections. One question potential Microsoft Dynamics CRM users might ask is: “Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM connect to LinkedIn?”

According to this informative article by GetApp, the simple answer is YES. In fact, since 2013, there are only two CRM vendors that have access to LinkedIn's Developer API: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. The API allows developers to integrate LinkedIn features with their CRM software, providing access to contacts and other interactive information.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM LinkedIn integrates data about leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities into Dynamics CRM. LinkedIn premium accounts allow for full access to all of this and more.

You can install the LinkedIn application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM by following the installation guide at

(NOTE: according to link above the solution only works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, online and on-premise. Click here for latest news on Dynamics CRM 2013 and 2015 Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

Rather than having to switch tabs and carry over information from LinkedIn to Dynamics CRM, this application displays the needed contact and other information right within your Dynamics CRM interface. This simplifies the process for salespeople and increases the likelihood that they will effectively use the tools you have setup for them.

Even with the application, however, there are some limitations. LinkedIn does not allow the storing of any of its data beyond the member ID. Therefore, while the information will be displayed within Dynamics CRM, it will not be imported directly into the CRM system. Nevertheless, it will at least make it easier to view the information and should make social media integration much more effective for your organization.

So if LinkedIn is an important tool for your business and you evaluating CRM software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM should be on your shortlist.

I have found that staffing and recruiting firms heavily rely on LinkedIn. If you are a staffing or recruiting firm interested in Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM for Staffing, contact CAL Business Solutions.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

4 thoughts on “Does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connect to LinkedIn?”

  1. CRM Software Blog Administrator

    It does seem that this connection only works with the older versions. I have not heard any updates. I think LinkedIn support would be the best source of info.

  2. I spoke with technical support recently and apparently there is no Dynamics CRM 2015 version released as of today and based on his reply there is no confirmed date. Can anyone confirm that there are plans to continue supporting this connection?

  3. Hi folks,

    Is there an update on this? Have MS/LinkedIn resolved the issue with the connection between Dynamics CRM and LinkedIn?

    Many thanks,


  4. Because LinkedIn replaced the Sales Plus product with Sales Navigator Team Edition, the connection with MS Dynamics CRM is no longer supported. Currently they only integrate with SalesForce. The pricing for a new Sales Navigator Team is $130/month or $1200 annually per seat. I'm told they are working on integrating Sales Navigator with MS Dynamics CRM, but they do not have an ETA.

    I've notified their Sales Solutions team that links the links and instructions need to be updated or removed.

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