CRM 2011 Training – Find a Webinar to Customize!

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Since many companies have registered for CRM 2011 online without using a Microsoft partner, there is a pool of people who need training. Whether it’s  administrator, sales rep, or customer service training, Certified Microsoft Partners are equipped to handle all levels.  As intuitive as it is, CRM 2011 still needs some hands on “customizing”. Yes, the resource center provides a wealth of information, and the question mark “?”  in the top right-hand corner is an instant lifeline, but there are still some system backdoor actions needed.

For example, field security is a hot topic these days. Whether it’s a customer’s financial field or an integration point that only a few people need to see, field security is not that easy to set up by the untrained CRM user. With a little administrator training, a company can become self -sufficient in creating and changing security levels. In fact, there are free webinars here that address this and other system modifications. If you’d like more information or list of CRM webinars, contact us:  Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

By: Ginger Edwards, Intelligent Technologies, a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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