Like Adding Color To Tell You The Important Stuff? It's Now Available In CRM 2011!

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I had a CRM client last year who wanted to be able to see customers that had less than $20 left on their account in red while the other customers remained the default color. I told them that can be done with a customization but not right out of the box. Well as part of the next generation Outlook experience provided by CRM 2011 that request is now available out of the box when using  the CRM 2011 client in Outlook 2010.

Outlook has had the ability to conditionally change the formatting of email message so you can differentiate one group from another. For example, in my Outlook inbox I have all my unread message in a large bold font to assist me in separating them from the other emails. Ideally giving them a since of urgency.

 With the new tighter office integration between CRM 2011 and Outlook 2010 when looking  at CRM records within Outlook we now have the ability to conditionally format those CRM records. So I can go back to that client and say if you want to see customers that have less than $20 left on their account shown in red, I have you covered in CRM 2011.

To some this may seem like a minor advancement but to those of us that need to know information at a glance, this is a cool tool . Thanks next generation Outlook experience of CRM 2011. We like this one.

by Paige L. Cassada, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. a Greensboro, NC Microsoft CRM Partner

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