Three Undeniable Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Better Choice for Cloud CRM than

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Cloud services is clearly a big topic these days.  Whether or not you move your company’s customer relationship management to the cloud is a strategic choice each organization must make.  But once you have decided to make the leap, why should you choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM over 

It’s actually a pretty easy decision once you get down to the basics, like:

  • How much will it cost?
  • Will your employees use it?
  • Will it continue to evolve with changing technology?

So, let’s take a look.

How much will CRM cost?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM costs less than  Approximately 32% less.  Make the cost comparison for your organization at

In addition, when you make the choice to move your sales, marketing, and customer service management to the cloud, you eliminate other capital-sucking costs.  All the costs associated with servers, operating system licenses, and IT personnel to support your CRM system are gone. There are surely lots of other places that you can better spend that money.

Will employees use CRM?

Do your employees use Outlook?  Often?  Every day, all day? 

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your sales people can manage their leads and opportunities without ever leaving Outlook.  Your marketing team can share collateral and documents with the sales team directly through Outlook. Your customer service team can view Outlook calendars to schedule services and calls.

All in all, it will be easier for your employees to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM than their old spreadsheets and Word docs. They will love it and they will use it.

Will CRM evolve?

The pace of change in the technology world is mind-boggling and not likely to slow down. When you commit to a software application that is going to manage your most important asset – your customers - you want to be sure that it will mature along with changing technology.  Say whatever you want about Microsoft, but Outlook, Excel, Word and the other Microsoft productivity tools that you use every day set the standard that others imitate.

Microsoft investment in research and development is big…really big.  They bought Skype.  They have big plans for CRM. It’s a really good bet to count on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to stay current.

As you compare your choices for cloud based applications, forget the hype and ask yourself those practical questions that will truly affect your organization and the users of the system.  To find out more about Dynamics in the cloud, call Sam at 1-87PLANET11 or send an email .

PS. Planet’s CRM team has posted a free Dynamics CRM 2011 Project Management tool in Dynamics Marketplace.  Try it and let us know what you think.

by Planet Technologies, Maryland/DC Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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