Adding Records to Queues with Workflow in Microsoft CRM 2011

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In CRM 4.0, in order to assign an item to a queue with a workflow , a user would add a step and use the "assign" feature and select the appropriate queue. In CRM 2011, it doesn't work the same way--you no longer use "Assign" to add items to queues.

In order to route an item to a queue, a user must create a new step using Create Record feature in their workflow. After the user creates the new step, he/she will select "Create: Queue Item.”


Once the user has selected “Create: Queue Item” all the user needs to do is identify the appropriate values on the Set Properties screen. In this example, we set the Queue to “Implementation” and the queue item to the primary attribute of the enitity that we want the workflow to route to the queue, in this example, a custom entity we created called “Service Orders."


If the user wants to change this item from one queue to another, later in your workflow, all the user has to do is create another step later in the process to create a new Queue Item.

by Customer Effective, a Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

5 thoughts on “Adding Records to Queues with Workflow in Microsoft CRM 2011”

    1. Hello,

      There is a problem while we create queue item for a case record using workflow in CRM 2011.

      There is a workflow which assigns the case when created(i.e. Creates a Queue Item) to a particular queue.

      I create a Queue Item with relevant details for the same.

      Now the problem is that the newly created queue item is InActive and I am unable to see the case record assigned to related Queue.

      DO you have any ideas???

      Thanks In Advance

    2. Stephen,

      Have you had any success in finding a way to remove the initial queue by creating a workflow? I know it's been a while since your original post, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I've tried some things in our CRM 2011 enviroment but have been unsuccessful so far.


      1. Hi

        we have a similar issue having a case associated to two different queue items that as for Microsoft documentation should be impossible

        Any clue ?

  1. Thanks for the information provided here. It saved me a lot of time. Keep posting many such blog where it there are differences in CRM 4.0 & CRM 2011, since there are many differences, expecting many more blogs.
    once again thanks you.


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