Not-for-Profit Organization Moves from Grant Program to Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

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A non-profit, membership organization which provides services and supports to persons of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities implemented Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM for use throughout their organization.  Providing advocacy and access to educational, vocational, recreational and critical life skills programs, this non-profit is an essential resource for consumers, their families and the community.

Before Dynamics CRM was implemented, this non-profit served approximately 800 members with a grants software system to manage their donations.  Each service area used a different program to track their information and nothing was shared throughout the organization.

Microsoft Dynamic ™ CRM was implemented for use by the entire organization. The goal of the first phase was to centralize the data for full use by all service areas and avoid duplication of efforts.  Then, in phase two, create a system to track donations and programs.

In the end, functions were added which were outside the scope of the project, because Microsoft Dynamics CRM was easy to configure to the needs of the organization. The following is an example of the benefits from this Dynamics CRM implementation:

  • Increase productivity through centralized database
  • Proactive case management to improve member, family, and district relationships
  • Enhance visibility into program attendance which allows for up-sell of other programs – who attends camp but not educational programs?
  • Approvals on grant applications – ability to apply for more and ease of completing application
  • Move service responses from reactive to proactive
  • Improve customer service - track all activity of consumer to report to care giver
  • Work smarter than harder – do more without any staffing changes
  • Reduce duplication of entry from different program groups

RSM offers full services and solutions to not-for-profit organizations, including technology services, advisory, and tax.   Non-profit organizations can implement CRM solutions for as little as $9.99 per user, per month.  Contact us today and learn how RSM's Not-for-Profit business solutions can improve productivity in your organization.

By: Kathy Davidson, RSM,  Top Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Not-for-Profit Organizations

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