Can You Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the iPad?

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According to an email I received today from a company called Axonom  the answer is yes – you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the iPad.  I admit that I don’t have first hand experience, the iPad is still on my “wish list”.  But for those of you lucky iPad users out there, now you can access your Microsoft CRM data and check sales reports as you sip a latte at the local Starbucks.

According to Axonom, their Powertrak Mobile product “bridges the gap between mobile devices and CRM data anytime, anywhere. Use your iPad or any mobile device to import leads, review opportunities, update your pipeline, enter time and billing information into Microsoft Dynamics CRM via Powertrak Mobile!”

They point out that the “iPad's large screen gives users the ability to clearly see, modify, and deliver critical CRM information.”

Just trying to rub it in to the rest of us who are trying to type on our tiny iPhones.

Sounds like a pretty cool tool to me.  If you contact Axonom and try it out, let me know how it works!

By  Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and CRM user in Connecticut

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