CRM is not just for Sales, Marketing and Services – Part 2! Have You Considered Using It As A Financial and Operational Automation Tool?

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In a recent blog we highlighted how historically, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have been positioned for Sales, Marketing, and Service personnel.  To expand on that blog, we want to have you think outside the box again and consider using CRM for financial and operational process automation as well.  This is because one of the many benefits of a CRM solution is to help organizations eliminate hundreds, even thousands, of redundant tasks and free up time to focus on the most important tasks.  These tasks can be in any department within your organization, including the finance and operational side of the business, such as:

• Credit application processes
• Following up on AR collections
• Looking for hard copy documents
• Asking for reports to be written

InterDyn – Remington Consulting would like to help you learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help automate these tasks by attending a FREE Financial and Operational Process Automation Webinar we are hosting with Microsoft on September 22nd, 2010 at 10:00am PT. 

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with your ERP Solution can help:

• Collect cash faster through advanced and automated collections
• Drastically reduce the amount of time in credit processes
• Understand who your best vendors are and access critical data through integrated systems
• Reduce wasted time on internal purchasing processes
• Provide IT staff an automated “case management” system

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By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Portland, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner

1 thought on “CRM is not just for Sales, Marketing and Services – Part 2! Have You Considered Using It As A Financial and Operational Automation Tool?”

  1. Great post, and I agree completely.

    It seems like this is the direction the industry is headed in, as more businesses realize they can make other areas of their business efficient as well. Many will start with CRM and see how much simpler it would be to have (for example) the quoted sales lead be easily converted into a project or invoice, and then one could continue working on it from that point. Customers are the center of every business, and that's why it's also useful to have the extended features branch out of the CRM portion of the application, making the CRM portion the 'core' of the system. Emphasis on customers!

    You've mentioned Microsoft's Dynamics, and from what I know this has some great capabilities. I'd like to throw in another application that may help certain businesses as well; WORKetc. I mention these guys because they fit very well into the area of business management and automation you're describing. WORKetc's core is CRM - everything based on customers, companies, and leads (and making sure those are very easy to find), but the application branches into project management and billing as well. Under one system, you can manage your entire business.

    This combination of CRM, project management, and billing becomes very effective when you take advantage of the work flow present in WORKetc. Managing projects, leads, and invoices becomes a heck of a lot simpler when as soon as you login you're greeted with a summary of each on your dashboard. The interface is heavily customizable (thousands of options) yet so simple and intuitive that it doesn't take much to learn at all. Automation and efficiency are key concepts WORKetc brings to life - with help desk support for customers, customizable web forms, emailing campaigns, and one-click collaboration, managing all tasks becomes simpler and faster.

    Being an all-in-one application, many people are fast to assume WORKetc is a ''jack of all trades'' but a ''master of none.'' The intent when creating this application was to prove the opposite. WORKetc is feature heavy while remaining complex and powerful - yet simple to use.

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