A Real-Life Health Industry Example of an xRM Environment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Due to InterDyn – Remington Consulting having a vertical focus in the health industry, we have had the opportunity to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a true xRM environment for organizations in this industry.  One such implementation was for a customer that originally started out on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial Version, and later purchased a monthly subscription of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  The organization is not a typical health industry client, but they have customized CRM to track health related items for their international congregation of Catholic Sisters.

The organization needed a better way to keep track of their unique requirements for Health & Well Being Management of their members, and selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the platform.  Some of the items that the organization needed to track included Insurance Plans, Medical Providers, Public Benefits and Services, Payment Authorization and Pre-Approvals.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 4.0 was configured into an xRM environment where areas/objects were created as Custom Entities that were related back to the CRM Contact system entity and then the Health Records had a series of custom child entities to handle the requirements listed above.  Below is a high-level overview of how the core Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality was configured for this Health xRM deployment:

  • Account Management to handle their Medical Providers
  • Contact Management to handle their Members
  • Case Management and Knowledge Base to track and manage Health & Well Being Requirements

The development of the xRM environment only took about four months, and the non-profit organization can now work more efficiently because they have access to a centralized location where users in approximately 15 states have real-time information at their finger tips on the Catholic Sisters and their Health and Well Being requirements.  The users have also been able to reduce data entry errors, since everything is tracked in a centralized location, which makes information more reliable.

After taking into account the administrative processes streamlined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the organization is expected to receive a 100% return on investment within a year from deployment.  With average CRM deployments experiencing this type of ROI in about two years, the organization is excited to know that they will receive their ROI almost a year earlier than expected!

If you would like to find out more about the customizations made for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to turn it into an xRM environment for the health industry, contact InterDyn – Remington Consulting today!

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Microsoft Dynamics Health Industry CRM and xRM Partner in Oregon

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