CRM Is Not Just For Sales, Marketing, And Services! Think Of It As An Organizational Time And Productivity Tool!

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Historically, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have been positioned for Sales, Marketing, and Service personnel; however, the time is here to broaden horizons on what CRM can be used for!  In the last year, xRM has gotten a lot of hype to help people think outside the box for CRM application uses.  With xRM the “x” replaces the traditional “C”, or customer value, in the CRM acronym to become a variable.  This allows organizations to track information and processes around any variable that is important them.  To take this concept one step further, CRM can also be considered a communication organization tool that can help companies more efficiently manage time and productivity.

Many employees today face the following dilemmas daily due to organizations trying to do more with less:

“I am too busy to read this email”
“I have over 100 emails in my inbox”
“I have unanswered voice message”

Microsoft and InterDyn – Remington Consulting have helped companies with these issues adapt to the demands of electronic communication by providing best practices and tools that help organizations more effectively manage communications by leveraging technology that may already be owned like Microsoft Outlook™ and Microsoft Dynamics™. 

Attend a FREE Time and Productivity webinar we are hosting with a Microsoft expert on August 17th at 10:00am PT to learn how you can increase productivity, profit, and customer satisfaction.  Register Today, as space is limited!

This webinar is recommended for all employees, regardless of role, as everyone who attends will gain time management and productivity skills!   

By InterDyn – Remington Consulting, Oregon Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Certified Partner

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