What is XRM – Part One, Managing Whatever You Need to Manage

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If you are in the market for CRM software, you have probably heard a lot of industry buzz around XRM.  You may be wondering “What exactly is XRM and how is it relevant to the needs of my organization?”  In this blog, I will provide a simple explanation of XRM and an example of how it impacted an organization where it was deployed.

You are probably familiar with the term CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management.  CRM applications help you manage your customers and their lifecycles from marketing, to sales, to customer service.  This is normally accomplished through a CRM application like Microsoft Dynamics CRM that contains the functionality to manage these processes out of the box.

But what if your business requirements do not conform to the out of the box CRM application functionality?  Or what if you need a line of business application to help manage something totally different?  That’s where XRM can help.   XRM is a term that stands for Xtended Relationship Management.  In other words, managing whatever you need to manage.

XRM applications are created by leveraging the existing capabilities, services, and point and click extensibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to quickly create customized line of business applications.  XRM applications built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your company reduce risk, reduce development and deployment time, reduce total cost of ownership, improve productivity, improve business agility, and maximize your investments.

Our company was recently approached by a niche operator in the metals recycling industry.  They needed an application to help them reduce costs, improve customer service, and gain competitive advantage in their unique marketplace.  They had looked at out of the box applications but none fit the bill and custom development was going to be too expensive.  We quickly envisioned and created an XRM solution using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a business application framework.  The result is a one of a kind line of business application that manages their specialized business processes while delivering a 400% increase in productivity and industry-leading customer service.

To learn more about how XRM applications developed on Microsoft CRM can benefit your organization, download a free whitepaper here.  To learn more about how NexusTek achieved the above results for our client, download a free case study here.

By NexusTek – Colorado Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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