CRM – Why Spend The Money?

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By Joel Hatin, Altico Advisors

Let me guess…  Your business is focusing on sales in 2010!  Revenues need to be increased so that other strategic company objectives can get funded.  The last thing you think you need to do is implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.  That might involve an added expense you weren’t planning on and could tie up key resources who are already too busy.  So why green light a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation?

Here’s why:

The first and easiest benefit to measure is that your organization will have a tighter relationship with your existing clients, which will lead to:

  • increased sales through anticipating your client needs before they ask by looking at historical data
  • cross-selling of other products by referencing similar client purchasing histories
  • indentify and report on which of your clients are profitable 

This can lead to better marketing of your products or services:

  • Aim your marketing message at specific client needs
  • Use a personal touch when communicating with your clients.

Ultimately this could lead to:

  • enhanced customer satisfaction and retention
  • increased value from your existing customers and reduced costs associated with supporting and servicing them
  • increased overall efficiency and reduced total cost of sales
  • improved profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost effective ways

Once your business starts to look after its existing customers effectively, efforts can be concentrated on finding new customers and expanding your markets. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to identify new prospects and increase your customer base.  Take a look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM by downloading a free trial

Submitted by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner for Massachusetts (MA)

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