4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Implementing a CRM System NOW!

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By Joel Hatin, Altico Advisors

Why do CRM now??????   Here are four great reasons why you should consider implementing a CRM system NOW!

#1. Extend the breadth and depth of your customer relationships – In other words, grow your customer sales.  If you’re like most businesses today you’re trying to do more with less.  By tracking critical information about your customers you’ll have the tools in place to quickly communicate with them about potential sales promotions and programs that are highly targeted and focused on increasing your success rate.  All too often, the sales team simply doesn’t have access to the data needed for targeted campaigns.  The sales functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your sales team the sales automation tools to help them do more with less.

#2.  Eliminate barriers – Reach your prospects when they’re ready to buy!  When you’re contemplating a major purchase like a car, you probably spend some time doing research on the Internet and/or looking through the local newspapers to see who has the best sale running before you actually visit a car dealership.  Companies considering your product or service are much the same.  The marketing automation tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM make it easier for you to communicate with your prospects on a regular basis, so that you can be the right company in the right place at the right time when they’re ready to buy. 

#3. Get your brand out there – The world of social interaction has changed dramatically.  People have Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They often talk about their professional experiences with friends and family.  By reinforcing a positive experience with your business, you’ll be enhancing your brand image in the social marketing sphere.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM has accelerators that allow you to tap into these social media groups to help drive new business. 

#4. Value and satisfaction – With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can track every conversation you have with your clients - emails, phone calls, chats, web inquires, support requests, quotes, contracts, and service requests.  Everyone can have access to this information, so everyone knows what’s going on at any given point in time with a given client.  This 360 degree access to information translates into value and satisfaction for your clients.  Using CRM, every person in your organization that your clients speak with will be able to serve them knowledgeably.  Using the service management tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there is no need to put clients on hold or call them back.  Just access their record in CRM and all the information you need is at your fingertips.  Happy client.  Happy employee, too. 

Submitted by, Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner for Massachusetts (MA)

2 thoughts on “4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Implementing a CRM System NOW!”

  1. Recently, our team leader has decided to switch to WorkForceTrack . Because it is cheaper than other systems and has almost the same functions. As far as I know, they also offer some kind of discounts, individual customization and localization from English into other languages. So, I am recommending you to try this

  2. You're right, there is a ridiculously large amount of reasons to implement a CRM tool now. I don't think I've ever heard of a business implement a CRM application and not save time and money (if they did it correctly - lol).

    Here's another reason why people should start implementing a CRM system:

    Collaboration on Everything. - With the CRM tool I use (I'm actually employed by them as well) you can collaborate on everything from leads to documents and to-do lists. This means assigning leads to others, and having the system efficiently qualify the leads, set statuses, and even creation of web forms for those leads.

    Business Advantage. - A CRM tool that also helps give us a full detailed view of our business - meaning detailed reports, sales pipelines, and gantt charts. This allows for a way to understand the complexity of your business in a much simpler manner.

    What I have also noticed, is that many businesses that implement a CRM tool soon follow to implement other types of business management tools - such as project management applications and billing apps. While many companies offer all of these services, they usually offer them as separate applications and this means the customers have to pay more per month if they want to add a new application, even by the same company - and then have to integrate them.

    As I mentioned earlier, the company I work for ( http://www.worketc.com) combines all three of these aspects into one system. Instead of having to pay extra for another app, this system includes all three and it flows quite nicely. That way once a lead has been secured, it is converted into a project, and can be worked on all the way until the customer is ready to be billed. Makes for amazing efficiency!

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