Top 10 Reasons Why Leading Companies Worldwide Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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From Joel Hatin, Dynamics Specialist, Altico Advisors

Businesses today are working hard to do more with less. Can a software system really help? 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers functionality to ease those demands.   In addition to being

  • Flexible, with the Power of Choice in deployment, purchase, and use,  
  • Familiar, with an intuitive user interface, so your users can be immediately productive, and
  • Designed to fit your business, delivering ease of customization and integration,

here are 10 more criteria to make the case for deploying a robust CRM system in your company.  

 Top 10 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

 #10. Affordability - Not only do you get competitive pricing for both on-demand and on-premise deployments, your maintenance fees are also waived for the first year.

#9.  Industry Leadership - See Analyst Reports and Awards on why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the top CRM solutions.

 #8. Great Fit - Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), it easily integrates into your existing systems using industry-standard Web services. Its exceptional customization feature also simplifies adapting it to your processes, models, and technology infrastructure. Learn more about the technology.

 #7. Operational Insight - The reporting engine generates compelling data reports within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help you make informed business decisions. Get deeper insights by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Business Intelligence products for performance management, scorecards, data mining, and OLAP reporting.

 #6. Rapid Innovation - History tells this story best:  Microsoft launched Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in December 2007, and in April 2008, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, an on-demand service, was introduced. In less than 18 months, the September 2008, the March 2009, and the November 2009 Service Updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online were released. By July 2009, several free CRM Accelerators were launched with new functionality for Analytics, eService, Event Management, Enterprise Search, Sales Forecasting, Sales Methodology support and much more. More innovation is currently in development.

#5. The Power of Choice - You can choose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM in-house, or let us or a partner host it for you. You can choose how your people interface with it—through Microsoft Office Outlook, a browser, or a mobile device. You can even decide whether to buy it or—in effect—to rent it. The best part? It's easy to switch if your business needs change.

 #4. High User Adoption - Microsoft Dynamics CRM works within Microsoft Office Outlook, one of the most popular applications that people use every day. This high level of comfort with Office Outlook can help to significantly drive user adoption and success. Want to know more? See what Microsoft Dynamics Customers like Reed Smith and Plante & Moran say.

 #3. Top Flight Functionality - Learn how the innovative functionality in Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM an effective way to stay in touch with your customers and drive your business goals.

#2. World Class Customers - Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes—from small businesses to large enterprises. Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used by more than 1 million people, including some of the world's largest organizations, in financial services, professional services, manufacturing, and the public sector. See what Microsoft Dynamics customers have to say.

 #1. Unmatched Value - The combination of top-rated functionality, high user adoption rates, the flexibility to adapt to your business needs, and an affordable price makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM an excellent choice. Get started with a free trial, or simply contact us for more information. We look forward to showing you more about the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

For a quick summary, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basics

By Altico Advisors, Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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