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Beyond Sales Proposal Templates: Create Dynamic Sales Proposals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

The last time you sent a proposal to a prospective customer, did the scene play out like this? You spent 20 minutes finding the right sales proposal template, or worse, copying a previous proposal. Then you spent another 30 minutes personalizing it and double-checking that every blank is filled in and mention of other customers […]

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Send and Analyze Quizzes/ Surveys in Microsoft Forms Pro

Have you ever wanted a simple easy way to capture data from your customers, partners or employees? If so then you are going to love Microsoft Forms Pro, the newest member of Microsoft's Power Platform.  Microsoft Forms Pro is a simple yet comprehensive survey solution that allows businesses to easily capture and analyze feedback to improve […]

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Demonstrating Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Self-service Dynamics 365 web portals extends CRM reach enabling customers to log issues, find solutions and update information online. Each web portal is housed, maintained and integrated with D365. Entitlement to deploy a Dynamics 365 web portal is available at no additional cost for every customer with 5 or more full user licences. Preact has successfully helped many […]

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Dynamics 365 and the Customer Buying Journey

Understanding your customer and where they are at in the customer buying journey allows you to make the best possible decisions on how to proceed with an opportunity or lead.  It also ensures that your marketing strategy addresses each stage which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate and long-term customer loyalty. Many sales deals […]

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Insurance Risk Mitigation through Digitilisation

Ignoring all the policy and product details, insurance effectively comprises a process whereby clients outsource their perceived risks and ask organisations to carry the financial burden in the event that the risk occurs. This has been at the core of long-and-short term insurance processes over the past few decades where clients and insurance organisations alike […]

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Improve the Customer Experience with CRM

Today’s marketplace is fast-paced and highly competitive. Businesses not only need to offer high quality products and services, but also offer an experience that keeps customers engaged and loyal. Understanding the customer journey and monitoring sentiments at each touch point can provide valuable insight into what drives customers. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides […]

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The Role of the Modern CRM Platform – Loyalty and the Customer Experience

There was a time when leads and opportunities were managed within Excel sheets, or by using simple contact management software. Sales teams reacted to customer demands and worked from a set of scripts that helped direct them to what they needed. “The bulk of B2B purchasing decisions take place before a customer contacts a supplier.” Today’s customers are much more […]

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Why Training Employees in Customer Service Isn’t Enough

As a consumer, there is nothing more frustrating than poor customer service. In fact, a survey published in the Customer Experience Impact report found that 82% of consumers said that they stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer service experience. While good customer service starts with training your employees on the fundamentals of excellent […]

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Top CRM Trends for 2013: Focus on the Customer, Not the Technology

The top customer relationship management (CRM) trends for 2013 were outlined in a recent Forrester blog by William Bland.   The second trend, “Companies will transform to become experience-driven organizations,” really resonated with me.  He explains this customer-experience strategy: “More enlightened companies are defining customer management strategies from the outside in, articulating a customer management strategy defined […]

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