Embracing Real-Time Marketing: Elevating Customer Experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Today's customers demand digitally empowered experiences tailored to their needs. To thrive in this landscape, enterprises must adopt a customer-first mindset, breaking down silos to create seamless experiences. By leveraging their data, businesses can gain deep insights into their customers, predict behaviors, and deliver personalized interactions across all touchpoints - from sales and marketing to business operations and service functions. This approach fosters better customer engagement and long-term loyalty.

However, staying competitive requires more than just understanding customer data. Organizations must tap into generative AI to unlock new levels of productivity and capabilities which were previously inaccessible. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 Marketing have been integrated into a single offering called Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, powered by AI. This revolutionary solution will elevate your customers' experiences to new heights.

Copilot AI in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Within the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offering, there are two powerful apps:

  • Customer Insights – Data
    It empowers you to effectively build a unified, real-time 360-degree customer profile.
  • Customer Insights - Journeys
    It allows you to deliver highly personalized experiences based on this comprehensive understanding.

The flexibility to start with data or journeys and choose what suits your needs best, coupled with a 40 percent savings on the base license offer compared to previous packaging, makes this solution even more accessible than before.

Over the next year, Microsoft will transition all customers to real-time marketing. The new customer environments will exclusively include real-time marketing and event management. This modern approach empowers businesses to achieve more with less, delivering exceptional results while adapting to the evolving customer experience landscape.

Real-time marketing has proven its superiority over traditional outbound methods. With improved functionality, effectiveness, and user satisfaction, it outshines its predecessors in every aspect. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights’ cutting-edge AI features will enhance real-time marketing, propelling businesses to excel in the future of marketing.
real time AI insights

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Marketing with AI

Embracing real-time marketing offers transformative benefits, driven by generative AI. This elevates productivity, securing long-term success and enhancing customer experiences.

Leveraging Copilot features empower businesses to target the right audience by describing segments in everyday language, eliminating the need to navigate complex data models or construct queries. With content ideas, generating engaging email content becomes easy – businesses can provide key points or select a tone of voice that aligns with their message, and captivating content is created within no time. Enrich the messaging further by quickly choosing resonating images from the library, saving valuable time spent searching.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. In the upcoming Copilot enhancements, its capabilities will further enable content improvement, create journeys with simple descriptions, set quiet times to optimize message delivery, and seamlessly style emails and forms aligned with website design. Additionally, they can get guidance for easy domain authentication.

• Elevate Every Interaction

Seamless integration between Customer Insights - Data and Customer Insights - Journeys empowers businesses to optimize every customer interaction. Organizations can capitalize on real-time customer understanding and insights to proactively address their needs and create unmatched experiences.

With real-time marketing, businesses can effortlessly craft journeys for contact and lead entities in Dataverse or profiles from Customer Insights. Professionals can react instantly to customers' actions using out-of-the-box triggers, custom triggers, or data change triggers in Dataverse - all without writing any code.

Organizations can refine audience targeting with advanced segmentation capabilities and an unlimited number of segments. Messages can also be delivered across various channels, such as text messages, push notifications, and custom channels.

Hyper-personalization features like dynamic text and no-code conditional content enable tailored 1:1 campaign, responsive to individual preferences. With real-time marketing, enterprises can transform every interaction into a personalized and engaging experience, fostering lasting customer loyalty and business success.

• Seamlessly Integrate Sales & Marketing

It is essential for the marketing and sales team to work together to accelerate revenue growth and enhance pipelines. Microsoft’s improved user experience (UX) across all capabilities empowers businesses to excel. With the upcoming lead scoring builder enhancements, they can define granular qualification criteria, allowing for better identification and prioritization of leads.

Deep integration with Dynamics 365 Sales further enhances collaboration. Enterprises can seamlessly transfer qualified leads to the sales team or engage sales representatives within the customer journey at the optimal moment by assigning a sales call or triggering a sales sequence, maximizing the likelihood of closing deals.

Through AI-driven attribution analytics, organizations can continuously optimize marketing endeavors. By nurturing sales-marketing collaboration, leveraging advanced tools, and harnessing AI-driven insights, businesses unlock their full potential, fostering unprecedented revenue growth.

• Easily Scale Up Business

Real-time marketing opens exciting opportunities for growth and success. With features like business units, brand profiles, and a consent center, enterprises can tailor real-time marketing to suit the specific requirements of any enterprise.

This scalable and customizable solution is designed to handle up to 100 million marketing contacts and 300 million monthly interactions, providing the infrastructure needed to extend the customer base, enter new markets, reach additional geographies, and promote new products. By leveraging real-time marketing, organizations can broaden their prospective customer pipeline, enabling them to achieve higher sales targets and drive sustained business growth.


In conclusion, embracing real-time marketing, along with the innovative features and AI-driven capabilities offered by Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, can revolutionize your customer experience landscape. By integrating sales and marketing, leveraging data insights, and delivering personalized experiences, you can fuel revenue growth and foster long-term customer loyalty. Transform your marketing strategies and elevate customer experiences by integrating Dynamics 365 Customer Insights into your business today. Connect with our experts today.

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