Four Critical Steps to Evaluating Your Business Processes

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Do you know a process isn’t working but you work around it every single day? Every business reaches plateaus where they can no longer maintain or achieve better results with their current approach and processes. Before you can successfully implement and adopt new business processes, you must first have a working understanding of where you are at. Below are 4 steps of how to evaluate the maturity of your business processes, and the benefits of doing so.

1. Questions to Ask

In an assessment of your business, you need a critical eye on processes, technology, operations, and people. Some ideas of questions to ask could be:

  • Are there processes within my business that are being done manually, that could be automated?
  • Could my people/resources be spending their time on more worthwhile tasks?
  • Do I have technology in place that is not being used efficiently?
  • Where and how does my business keep its data and other important information?
  • What Microsoft Tools are available and would be best to improve my unique business problems?

2. Evaluations with Departments

Odds are your business has several different departments, each repeating the same day to day tasks. Dividing those tasks and processes by individual department and evaluating how they can be simplified will improve your overall business operations.  You can then know what areas to focus on, and evaluate how each department can be more unified and efficient in each of their business processes by following these steps:

  • Outline the processes within each department
  • Define the life cycle steps within each of those processes
  • Evaluate the data stored, and its relation to these processes
  • Determine goals for how improving said processes will lead to each departments success

3. Including Leadership

CTO's and CEO's are in a position to know about all the processes and operations contained in each business. As they will be the final decision makers anyway, work with them to evaluate the questions above and decide which business processes need the most work. Microsoft Technologies and the consultants needed can be brought in to help identify which tools can be used for which processes.

4. Setting and Achieving Goals

JourneyTEAM consultants can help you identify the appropriate goals for your business processes and how they can improve. Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals will give your business the best chance of scaling in the ways you want it to.

JourneyTEAM's Maturity Model Ensures Optimum Productivity

JourneyTEAM has helped assess and evaluate the processes within all types of businesses. As a Microsoft partner, they have experience successfully implementing a wide rang of Microsoft technologies catered to improve the processes within each business they work with. Optimizing business processes will lead to desired growth, reduced IT overhead, and smoother daily operations. Learn more about JourneyTEAM's plan, the Maturity Model Assessment, today.


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