What About Security between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint?

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Dynamics 365 and SharePoint security

One of the leading CRM systems nowadays is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together with SharePoint, it provides great document collaboration features, and many organizations around the world already use them as a duet. In this post, we will discuss how to ensure security settings synchronization between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. It is going to be very practical!  

The issue of privileges and permissions between Dynamics and SharePoint 

Microsoft offers a standard out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. It enables organizations to link SharePoint documents with CRM records. Moreover, it enables users to manage SharePoint documents and use many of the document management features of SharePoint directly in the user interface of Dynamics 365.  

But the security models of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint differ significantly. This out-of-the-box integration does not provide the same level of record security in CRM and SharePoint. This results in documents in SharePoint being accessible to users without the required Dynamics CRM privileges.   

Imagine, a company has its contract values and prospects in its CRM system available only to senior managers. CRM is synced with SharePoint for the sake of document collaboration, productivity and so on. And surprise, the documents which are restricted pretty much from everyone except for certain senior managers, are available to anyone in SharePoint.   

So, how to combine the benefits of both solutions and enforce the correct access rights at the same time?  

Yes, there is.  

The solution for data protection 

CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator is a small yet powerful application that monitors privilege changes for Dynamic 365 data items in the background and automatically synchronizes these changes to respective items in SharePoint. The proper privileges from Dynamics 365 are applied to SharePoint items – automatically and instantaneously, securing your data items and documents all the time. 

After installation, the app does the synchronization of permissions and privileges automatically without user interference. Thus, it ensures the protection of commercial information and personal data. Both are also very important for GDPR compliance and protect the respectful image of the organization. At the moment, this is a unique solution on the market. 

How CB Permissions Replicator works for organizations 

Since its launch in 2014, the product has gained trust from many private and public institutions. For example, the Department of Justice in Canada has been using it for years.  

Another story is from a private sector, namely Compass Group PLC, UK, the largest contract foodservice company in the world. “It was unacceptable to allow unrestricted access to sensitive documentation in SharePoint or to manage it manually”, – says Anthony Crook, Head of Client Business Solutions Compass Group PLC. “The main pain point that led us to Connecting Software’s solution was the need for synchronization. We mostly hold sales and contract information in CRM. Managing data access is key to ensuring that users only have access to the data they are allowed. As people come and go, it’s important that no one has access to more information than they require to do their job”, he explains.   

The geography and industries of the CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator are wide indeed: ACC Governmental Department in New Zealand; Spirit AeroSystems, USA, the world’s largest tier-one manufacturer of aerostructures; Stora Enso Oyj in Finland, a leading paper producer and the oldest limited liability company in the world; Securitas in Sweden, National Rugby League Ltd in Australia, – the list is too long to name all.  


Dynamics 365 is rapidly evolving and conquering the market. So it is only natural if your organization uses it for customer relationship management. And the capacity of the system is boosted in combination with SharePoint – a flexible and multifunctional document management system. The integration of the two allows making good use of the duet if you ensure the synchronization of permissions and privileges between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.  

To see how the CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator can protect sensitive data in your organization, ask for a free trial.

Contact our team to ask about the product now, and we will give our best knowledge!

By Anastasia Mazur, Connecting Software, a producer of synchronization and integration solutions.


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