Why Millennials Prefer the Security of Microsoft Dynamics Over Other CRM Systems

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With so many privacy scandals making headlines, the current workforce well understands the importance of security. Choosing a system that provides this protection for employees and customers is essential for Millennials, who make up the majority of modern employees.

Microsoft Dynamics is a leader in global security. Microsoft delivers layered security in all applications to allow workers to do their best work anywhere with full confidence. Consider briefly how Microsoft Dynamics provides the security needed for any company:

Security anywhere

Microsoft Dynamics provides physical and virtual security. These include access control, encryption, and authentication. This helps protect data on all devices whether it be mobile phones, tablets, or computers. Role-based security defines access to system data no matter where they are working.

Intelligent security

As security risks continue to rapidly grow, modern workers not only want but expect the systems they work with to be protected. Microsoft Dynamics meets these expectations by using billions of data points globally to engineer techniques and apply intelligence to progressively improve security.

Protect customer data

Employees today want to be confident that the data they collect from customers is secure and fully protected. Microsoft Dynamics keeps this data safe by preventing the disclosure of all personal and financial information. This makes it easy to maintain customer loyalty and comply with industry regulations.

Thomas Berndorfer, CEO of Connecting Software trusts Microsoft Dynamics to be completely secure in handling his company’s sensitive information. He says: “Dynamics 365 provides a robust data security model, and add-on products ensure data protection between D365 and other Microsoft apps.”

Would you like to see how they use Microsoft Dynamics’ security could benefit your business?

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By CRM Software Blog Writer, www.crmsoftwareblog.com

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