Why should I choose Dynamics 365 as my next CRM?

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We’re halfway into the third month of 2020, and we can see everything changing rapidly around all of us! Technology is continually evolving and is indeed becoming a fast pace arena where competition is gruesome and continuous! Dynamics 365 too is paving the way in the competitive market with its massive update released not so long ago! With more than 400 updates, multiple new apps, and several efficient industry solutions, we can see that Dynamics 365 is playing in the big league!

Now we all know that CRM software is the backbone of the organization as it aligns the activities, notes, metrics, data, files, etc. of all departments of an organization through one platform. Having an effective, efficient, and reliable CRM is perhaps the biggest concern of all organizations, whether big or small, operating in this technologically competitive global market.

There are indeed many options in the market that make it quite confusing somewhat overwhelming for organizations to hand-pick the best CRM software. At the pace the market is operating, you will have ten more options by the time you are done researching the current ones!

Not to worry, though, we have compiled a list of benefits of Dynamics 365 that will ease your troubles and show you why this is indeed the only CRM system for your organization!

  1. One Unified Platform for All Departments

For companies with many incoherent legacy systems, getting a single view of the client, or merely offering consolidated reports can be problematic. Manual updating and administrating can be very messy and time-consuming! This is often the case with companies that operate internationally with operations spanning different geographical locations.

Dynamics is a fully customizable cloud-based technology! It’s advance expertise as a CRM, and a Power Platform makes it perhaps one of the best software to enhance, manage, and solidify all business organizations without disrupting any department. It gives companies options that span over all their needs. For example, it allows organizations to incorporate conference apps, and it empowers organizations with floor planning mechanisms, it gives organizations access to multiple marketing and publishing tools, etc.

In today’s market, all organizations need to streamline and integrate their operations across marketing, sales, operations, HR, and finance departments, and Dynamics 365 is making that happen seamlessly! A few good examples to quote here are Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and the Power Platform! These services offer unlimited independence, storage facilities, and scalability for organizations!

Dynamics 365 has various industry-specific modules that help organizations meet their particular needs. The Event Management module, for example, helps organizations organize and manage webinars, speakers, events, etc. easily.

  1. More Power for You 

Microsoft has introduced more than 200 connectors in the Power Platform. What does it mean, you ask? Well, it means that it has become super easy to form connections between Dynamics 365 and other systems, even third-party systems! WOOHOO! You do not also have to make a single development effort using Power Automate! So basically, all users can now enjoy more power to create and manage applications, utilize technical resources, etc.

With Power Apps, employees can make applications that fit their needs and ease their work. Employees can also experiment and create apps for leisure (I hope we are not the only ones who do that). Overall, the Power Platform has opened magnificent new opportunities that you can enjoy if you pick Dynamics CRM as your trusted companion!

  1. Useful information > Unnecessary Data

A key factor that makes Dynamics CRM this amazing is its free flow of information. Do not get me wrong; of course, there are permissions involved, but overall, the friendly user-interface and hyper-focused personalization of Dynamics 365 allows users to have access to important information at all levels so that key business decisions can be made on time! Furthermore, with real-time data that focuses on the company’s KPI’s and metrics, data-driven decisions can be easily made. Dynamics 365 has massive reporting capacities, thus allowing for useful information to be derived out of volumes of data.

With Dynamics 365, you would have access to a range of analytics, such as everyday reporting to sales-focused insights and customer insights, etc. This is truly a life-saving feature as it filters out unnecessary data and provides the user with data that is relevant to his/her needs. It saves time and effort and helps make the right business decisions!

  1. Extensive Functionality and Upgrades

All organizations are undergoing a constant change that requires different functionalities and more accessibility alongside. Dynamics 365 is always on top of this need and is continuously providing users with more flexibility, options, and power so that their changing and scaling needs are met. An excellent example of this is how Dynamics 365 offers stand-alone modules! This allows users to gradually shift focus from let’s say marketing to finance or finance to marketing as the need comes. Microsoft has equipped all organizations, small or large, scaling or steady, with the right stack of tools that would match their business needs! And we all know that Microsoft is continually releasing new features to enhance its user experience! Thus, with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will continuously be pampered with upgrades and functionalities even before you know you need them!

On a final note, I would also like to give a shout out to the Dynamics 365 pricing tier. You will see that it offers far more functionalities at a lower price than its competitors out there. Furthermore, Microsoft is genuinely invested in Dynamics 365 and is striving to make it the epitome of business software solutions.

So, in a nutshell, if you ask me why I would choose Dynamics 365 as my CRM software, I will tell you that it is indeed the best choice that is out there! It is easy to use; it integrates with all Microsoft Products and has powerful tools that have a positive impact on the business, and it gives the user/company more power and functionality.

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