Microsoft Partners and CSPs Need Automated Billing Systems – Why Excel Isn’t Enough

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If you’re in the business of generating recurring revenue like Microsoft CSP Partners and using Excel to handle your customer’s subscriptions and billing, you’re not alone. Dynamics 365 can easily be used to manage your sales and service, and with Work 365 you can manage recurring revenue and Billing automation for subscription sales. While Partner Center and Distributor portals are available, most Service providers still use spreadsheets to log and record the changes that are being made to subscriptions and services. These changes along with a combination of all the different invoices are used to invoice and bill a customer.

This process can take hours or even days for teams of sales and accounting members to manually go through customer accounts and match up customer data in Dynamics CRM with the appropriate subscription changes in order to manually create and send out invoices. Most importantly this process is not scalable.

automated billing

Automating this process can save a service provider hundreds of employee hours that can be used to focus on value creation tasks around customer service and sales to grow the business. Billing automation solutions like Work 365, that are built on Dynamics 365 allow Microsoft Partners to grow their recurring revenue with these great features around billing automation:

  • Bundling products and services into custom packages
  • Automatically Creating invoices by calculating prorations, refunds, and renewals
  • Automatically Sending and Collecting payment for invoices through
  • Calculating monthly Sales commissions and incentives
  • Integrating with accounting systems
  • Enabling Self-Service scenarios for customers to directly provision and manage their services


Work 365 is built on Dynamics 365 and has bi-synchronization with Partner Center, all subscription changes, billing, and payment status, and invoicing can be done directly from Work 365 with a click of a button, saving Partners and CSPS time and using multiple systems to keep their records in check.

Watch our webinars to see how Work 365 can help Indirect and Direct CSPs automate and reconcile billing and invoicing.

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By Ismail Nalwala (contact me)

I am a Dynamics 365 enthusiast. I enjoy building systems and working with cross-functional teams to solve problems and build processes from lead generation to cash collection. Work 365 is a global developer of the Billing Automation and subscription application for Dynamics. Helping companies to streamline business processes and scale their recurring revenue.


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