Famous People You Can Meet at User Group Summit Phoenix – MVPs and All Stars Twitter Lists

You might try to deny it, but everyone gets a little thrill when they meet someone famous. And in our little Microsoft Dynamics channel we have our own group of celebrities. They may not be paid millions of dollars like Hollywood stars, but they have certainly put in their share of hard work.

They are the Microsoft Dynamics MVPs and All-Stars.

When you attend the User Group Summit events a key benefit is getting to meet other users, peers that have the same pain points. But you also get to meet top subject matter experts. People who are super knowledgeable about the products and very active in the community.

Not only can you meet them, you can get to know them personally. You can get advice from them, and have a drink with them. And then continue that relationship for years down the road.

Here is our best effort at a complete list of MVPs and All Stars you can meet at User Group Summit.

Follow these Twitter lists for easy access to their Twitter accounts:

ERP - https://twitter.com/erpsoftwareblog/lists/erp-2018-mvp-all-stars

CRM - https://twitter.com/CRMSoftwareBlog/lists/crm-2018-mvp-all-stars

Microsoft Dynamics GP – www.gpugsummit.com

Name, TitleTwitterCompany
Allen, Belinda, MVP/GPUG All Star@belindathegpcsiNjevity Inc.
Back, Aaron, GPUG All Star

Bell, Amber, GPUG All Star



ACE Microtechnology

Training Dynamo LLC

Bucher, Beat, GPUG All Star@GP_BeatGP Geek Inc
Burney, Steve, GPUG All Star@SteveBurney Nissan Trading Corporation Americas
Dorward, Shawn, MVP/GPUG All Star@ShawnMDorwardInterDyn Artis
Erbach, Steve GPUG All Star@serbachGLC Minerals, LLC
Endow, Steve, MVP@steveendow Precipio Services
Gidwani, Zubin, GPUG All Star@z2gidwaniDynamic Budgets
Gomez, Mariano, MVP, All Star (NEW)@dgpblogsterMekorma
Green, Bert, GPUG All Star@Green12BertBerger Transfer & Storage, Inc.
Heley, Terry, GPUG All Star@terryheley Microsoft
Kocher, Michelle, GPUG All@mrskocherDelta Medical Systems
Kuntz, Jen, MVP, All Star (NEW)@jenkuntzGPEnergy + Inc.
Lambertz, Brian, GPUG All Star@blambertz Connexus Energy
Lowther, John, MVP/GPUG All Star@jlowtherNjevity, Inc.
McAdam, Bob, GPUG All Star@4McAdamDynamic Communities
Musgrave, David, MVP/GPUG All Star@WinthropDCWinthrop Development Consultants
O’Connor, Rod, MVP

Polino, Mark, GPUG All Star



Briware Solutions


 Robertson, Bryan, GPUG All Star (NEW)@brcwbys
Vail, Leslie, MVP/GPUG All Star@leslie_vailAccounting Systems Consulting, Inc.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations & Dynamics AX – www.axugsummit.com

Name, TitleTwitterCompany
Kane, Kelly, MVP/AXUG All Star@KellyLappKane Algood Foods
Liechty, Joel, MVP@joelleichtySAGlobal
Profitt, Rachel, MVP@RachelProfittRSM
Reinhard, Ludwig, MVP@DynamicsAXFicoSycor
Riggs, Don, MVP@DonRiggs_MVPBusiness Process Improvement
Rowe, GG, AXUG All Star@MomGGPlanar Systems
Wilson, Grant, AXUG All StarMicrosemi IT Expert


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement & Dynamics CRM – www.crmugsummit.com

Name, TitleTwitter
Codding, Jennifer, CRMUG All Star
Cognetta, Chris, CRMUG All Star@ccognetta
Critchley, Sarah, CRMUG All Star
Doelman, Nick, MVP@readyxrm
Gonzales, Ed, CRMUG All Star@EkkiMisst
Gonzalez, Gus, CRMUG All Star@GusGonzalez2
Jelinek, Sarah, CRMUG All Star@dyn365diva
Kaskela, Aiden, MVP

Kiser, Kylie, CRMUG All Star,



LaBar, Daryl, MVP

Lattimer, Jason, CRMUG All Star



Lindstrom, Joel, CRMUG All Star

McAuley, Malcolm, CRMUG All Star (NEW)



McCutcheon, Rick, CRMUG All Star@CRMNorth
Ochs, Michael, MVP@MikeFactorial
Opferkew, Gretchen, CRMUG All Star@CRMGretchen
Parkhurst, Neil, MVP, CRMUG All Star (NEW)@ParkhurstNeil
Rekstad, Britta, MVP, CRMUG All Star@MacgyverCRM
Rose, Adam, CRMUG All Star
Simpson, Clarissa, MVP, CRMUG All Star (NEW)

Steiner, Ashley, CRMUG All Star



Tabor, Shawn, MVP@CRMhobbit
Vero, Adam, CRMUG All Star@AdamVero
Weinstock, Jerry, MVP

Westerlund, Gustaf, MVP



Yack, David, MVP

Yack, Julie, MVP, CRMUG All Star (NEW)




Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & Dynamics NAV – www.navugsummit.com

Name, TitleTwitter
Ansari, AJ, MVP@AJAnsariNAV
Ansari, AJ, NAVUG All Star@AJAnsariNAV
Blaisdell, Tom, NAVUG All Star@twblaisdell
Chinsky, Steve, NAVUG All Star@schinny1
Chow, Alex, MVP@achowtc
Darden, Tony, NAVUG All Star@salesprotech
Doran, Tom, NAVUG All Star
Gestsson, Gunnar, MVP@gunnargestsson
Hougaard, Erik, MVP@eHougaard
Kutil, Holly, NAVUG All Star@htkontheweb
Mayer, Amanda, NAVUG All Star@amandamayercpa
Riviezzo, Andrea

Rosvold, Kerry, MVP, NAVUG All Star



Rosenberg, Lewis, NAVUG All Star (NEW)@rosenbergl
Totovic, Aleksandar, MVP@atotovic
van Vugt, Luc, MVP

Wiser, David, NAVUG All Star



Did we miss anyone? Send me an email [email protected]

Remember, registration for one Summit gives you access to sessions of all Summits. So you actually have the chance to meet all of these celebrities at User Group Summit.

Let’s see how many celebrity sightings you can make at User Group Summit. Use the hashtag #MSDYNCelebrity with #UserGroupSummit.

User Group Summit Events: October 15-18, 2018, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

AXUG Summit: https://www.axugsummit.com

BCUG/NAVUG Summit: https://www.navugsummit.com

CRMUG Summit: https://www.crmugsummit.com/

D365UG Summit: https://www.d365ugsummit.com/

GPUG Summit: https://www.gpugsummit.com

Power Summit: https://www.powerugsummit.com

CRM Software Blog Members Exhibiting at User Group Summit Phoenix 2018 with Twitter Links

ERP Software Blog Members Exhibiting at User Group Summit Phoenix 2018 with Twitter Links

Official Hashtag List for User Group Summit Phoenix 2018 –AXUG, BCUG/NAVUG, GPUG, CRMUG, D365UG

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