Configure Text Analysis in Dynamics 365 for Sales/Customer Engagement through Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics

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Azure Machine Learning has continually improved and developed, and Microsoft has consistently ensured full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This provides tremendous benefits to all types of business. Specifically, it provides text analysis capabilities for case attributes, identifying the most effective KB articles. The following will help you configure Dynamics 365 for Sales/Customer Engagement (CRM) text analysis with Azure Text Analytics Service.

Add Azure Text Analytics Service in Azure

(*Please note: click on images below to enlarge)

  1. Add Text Analytics to Azure.

  1. Copy Endpoint and Key as in the images below.

Configure Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics

After configuring Text Analytics in Azure, Machine Learning Text Analytics can be configured in Dynamics as follows.

  1. Enable the Text Analytics service. NOTE: This is part of the preview. Go to Settings > System Settings:

  1. Configure Text Analytics. Go to Settings > Administrator:

Text Analytics service in Dynamics has now been configured. It’s now capable of suggesting similar appropriate cases or KB Articles. The following demonstrates how to use this for KB article suggestions.

Use Text Analytics to suggest KB Article search on Case

  1. Configure KB Article Search: Settings > Service Management > Knowledge Search Field Setting, and then click New:

  1. Configure KB Article search on Case Form. Open a case form for customization and change properties in Activities Tab Properties:

Behavior can be reviewed once this is completed.

Text Analytics at Work

In the example, the same case is used but the Maximum number of key phrases in Knowledge Search Model has been modified. Initially, it was set to 2; it is now set at 10.

Maximum number of key phrases = 2

Maximum number of key phrases = 10

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