Dynamics CRM: The Backbone for a Day in the Life of Sales

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What is my team doing today? What am I doing today?  Are we pacing towards hitting our goals this month, quarter, fiscal year?  These are all questions that anyone who works in sales asks themselves.  Whether you are the CEO or President, Vice President of Sales, a Sales Manager, or a Sales Agent.  Many times the answer to these questions are unknown or a “best guess”.  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, sales will know the answer to these questions.

This article will walk you through how sales can take advantage of the Activity, Account, Contact, and Opportunity tracking/modules of Dynamics CRM to understand next steps and the health of the sales pipeline.


Let’s assume your company has implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and all of your customer and prospects' data is already entered in the system. You want to make certain that you are following up with your customers and prospects as you agreed you would.  Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Activities is a great way to accomplish this.  You have agreed to a follow up phone call or appointment and entered that Activity into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.  Now you can view what Activities need to be completed.

Here is an example of an Activity view that shows Activities by Owner and Priority:

2016 08 01 Activities 1

You can easily view what Activities you have to complete as well as by Priority. When drilling into a High Priority Activity, simply click on the purple bar under Owner, you will see what High Priority Activities you have to complete.

Here you can see that there are four High Priority Activities to be completed:

2016 08 01 Activities 2

You can simply click on an Activity to open that Activity and review your notes from your previous discussions:

2016 08 01 Activities 3

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To learn more about how Dynamics CRM can help you and your sales team work smarter, not harder, please contact Kevin Brown at kbrown@hbs.net or (920) 687-4124

By Kevin Brown, Heartland Business Systems / Avastone Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner – Fox Valley, Milwaukee, Chicago

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