How Do You Begin Fixing Your CRM?

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A Tiered Approach to CRM

Another way of looking at the issue of overhauling your CRM is a three-tiered approach. The first tier is technical.  How well is CRM actually working in your technical environment?  This is often the lowest tier because with most well established CRM systems the technical side is a non-issue overall. However, one spot of concern at this level does linger. How well is CRM aligned, technically speaking, with your mobile strategy?  Do you have a mobile strategy? Or are your users beating you up to make CRM work with their tablet or cell phone de jour?


The second tier is user adoption. At this stage, it’s wise to suspect that the issue lies not within how well your users are using your CRM, but rather how well is your CRM system is meeting their needs. A CRM system needs to be simple and effective at putting critical information in the hands of your users in order for them to be more productive – for you. Guess what happens then?  Users, whether account reps (inside or outside), marketing members, or customer service members, are better at their jobs? The customer wins and you win!


The final tier requires that you ask yourself this question – is CRM seen as a competitive advantage for your business? This platform is not just a nice-to-have tool; it should be seen as a cornerstone of your sales process for driving profitability. Does your CRM contain the right information for a clear view into your customer engagement process – the customer’s relationship with you, and their buying and service practices – so that everyone in the organization is on the same page regarding the customer’s true value to your growth?


It’s when you reach this final tier that CRM really shines and excels at what it was designed to do – driving better decision-making and better customer engagement conversations across an entire organization.


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