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Recently, I completed a month-long online Accounting course that I thought would be a refresher; I also wanted to improve my overall Accounting knowledge. I took a number of accounting courses in college and have worked in Accounting Software for the past 15+ years, so I felt that I had a good grasp of the topic. Wow, did I have a quick awakening. The course was challenging! I either forgot a lot from those college days or have really gotten spoiled with Accounting Software doing so much of the behind the scenes work. I am going to go with the latter because I know my memory is just as good today as it was in college.

I bring this up because for the past 4 years I have been working on testing Rockton Connect, which has full accounting functionality built inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While going through the online Accounting course, it gave me a whole new insight and vision into how our accounting software has been designed (and needs to continue to be designed), so that even the most basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM user can easily complete all necessary accounting tasks.

I can honestly say I think we have done it with Rockton Connect, and I think that is why I have forgotten so much of the background manual accounting processes. With Rockton Connect, a majority of the tasks have been automated and streamlined; this includes tasks such as creating GLAccounts, categorizing data into groups or dimensions for reporting, entering transactions and automating distributions, posting, and ensuring data integrity is intact.

Not every small business is going to have users with an accounting degree, so our vision of making a robust, easy-to-use, accounting package directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is right on track.

If you're currently using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and haven't checked out Rockton Connect, I'd encourage you to watch this short overview video.

Written By Kris Berger, QA Development Lead at Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Partner.

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