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We've designed Rockton Connect to be super-powerful in its setup and operation. Yes, it takes some accounting know-how to set up an accounting system, and Rockton Connect is no different there. Where Rockton Connect is different is in defaulting. Once set up, your users should never have to guess what distributions or dimensions need to get filled in anywhere; that's because we do it automatically, behind the scenes. It is also accurate without interference.

Due to this simplicity, end users don't need to have CPAs to work their accounting system. They just do their work and all the accounting is done correctly for them.

Not that we want to exclude the Staff Accountant. There is plenty of power left for them to do amazing things as they see fit, but when it comes to automating repetitive tasks--Rockton Connect makes your work simpler & easier®.

Visit our website to learn more about Rockton Connect, the small business accounting inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Written By Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Partner.

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