What’s New in CRM 2016?

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Dynamics CRM 2016 focuses on maximizing customer engagement. Dynamics CRM 2015 offered a simple and seamless user experience across the application that focused on improved productivity of customer-facing employees through applications like Exchange, Excel and OneDrive for Business for easier task management. The 2016 version provides several enhancements with intelligence and mobility features, including integration with applications like BI and Office 365.

Dynamics CRM 2016 presents a unique design for you to manage all your customer-facing activities through a single experience. Toggling between different functions in Excel, writing proposals in Word, accessing documents stored in OneDrive for Business, increasing the productivity of your sales team through Delve; you can do all this and more directly from the CRM platform while improving your customer service process.

Below are some of the enhancements that are in store for Dynamics CRM 2016: If you’d like to learn more, check out a video demonstration of the new features.

  • New Excel Templates: Dynamics CRM 2015 allows you to conduct analysis in Excel directly within the platform, view sales data in familiar Excel templates, get analysis and insights directly into the sales process and efficiently manage sales forecasts, eliminating time and effort required to switch between applications. In addition, it allows you to export and analyze Excel data from your mobile device with Dynamics CRM 2016 apps for tablets and smartphones.
  • CRM App for Outlook: Getting key sales capabilities within the Outlook desktop and mobile browser has become more streamline. You will be able to open documents using different applications like Word or PowerPoint on various devices like iPads and smartphones. Now, you have the option to get contextual information from Dynamics CRM delivered right in your mailbox for quick and easy review.
  • Improved Outlook Experience: Harness the power of O365 Groups, in 2016, you can get easy access to Excel templates and create personalized sales documents in Word. Easily track emails and add contacts with the touch of a button from within an email. You can also generate new records to track emails through a web browser on a PC, or a mobile browser on a smart phone.
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: Full offline capabilities are now available for your sales and service professionals on smart phones and tablets across all major operating systems. Quickly complete sales related activities while on the go and streamline important deals, accounts and activities with verbal instruction to Cortana.
  • SMS Marketing: Build your sales pipeline and chart out your marketing activities, from planning, and execution to measuring your marketing performance. You’ll be able to create powerful SMS campaigns and integrate them with your multi-channel campaigns. Easily configure inbound SMS campaigns, send outgoing promotional SMS messages and maintain a database of your marketing contacts.
  • Cloud Enhancements: Discover information that’s most relevant and interesting to you. Track documents wherever they are stored (via OneDrive or O365). You will also be able to get a list of trending documents from Delve inside CRM. View a consolidated set of documents across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and O365 groups. Discover information that can help you with your current opportunities or accounts.
  • Cortana Integration: Dynamics CRM 2016 embeds various sales activities, accounts and opportunities into Cortana to provide the most relevant information to your sales team. Get access to advanced data management and advanced analytics capabilities and improve your customer service with the Cortana Analytics Suite.
  • Improved Document Generation: Build personalized sales documents with Document Generation using pre-defined Word and Excel templates with one click. Ultimately, saving you time in building documents. Automatically have CRM data from account summaries, quotes and invoices, and product sheets extracted.
  • Enriched Data and Analytics: Turn business critical data into intelligent action and achieve elevated business transformation. Obtain intelligent product suggestions for cross-selling and recommend solutions to solve customer service issues. You will also be able to gain insights into your business and efficiently predict customer needs with Azure Machine learning.
  • Microsoft Social Engagement: Evaluate and drive social engagement within Dynamics CRM 2016. Easily pinpoint leads from social media and understand social buzz around a product. You’ll instantly gain access to powerful social tools and connect with customers, partners and prospects on various social media sites. Obtain social insights about your brand and get a true understanding of your position in the industry.


Superior Customer Engagement

Superior customer engagement is the principal goal of Dynamics CRM 2016. By delivering end-to-end customer solutions across field service, assisted service and self-service, Dynamics CRM 2016 drives its entire focus on delivering remarkable customer experiences. Reap benefits of productivity and intelligence through a single platform to personalize experiences and have proactive and contextual interactions with customers to identify and meet their distinct needs. You can also check out the Dynamics CRM 2016 Release Preview Guide here.

by Indusa


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