Dynamics Docs vs. CRM 2016 "Word Templates"

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About the end of 2015 Microsoft released CRM 2016 with new features allowing CRM users to create Word Templates with merged fields from CRM records. Earlier this year Dynamics Objects released a similar product, Dynamics Docs, to merge CRM fields in Word Document. Unlike Documents Templates released for CRM 2016 only, Dynamics Docs comes with advanced features not available in CRM 2016 Word Templates, and Dynamics Docs is also designed for earlier versions of Microsoft  CRM (CRM 2011, CRM 2013, CRM 2015 & CRM 2016).

Click here to download Dynamics Docs trial version

Note: Dynamics Docs comes with the functionality of 1-click to attach document as PDF file, to an Email or Note. With Dynamics Docs, the generation of the document and attachment as PDF to an Email, can be triggered with CRM Workflow. These two functions are not available with CRM 2016 Word Templates, but are available with Dynamics PDF-Docs, another add-on to CRM 2016 to PDF Word Templates or Email them with CRM Workflows.

Click here to download Dynamics PDF-Docs trial version


This post lists important features available with Dynamics Docs when compared with CRM 2016 Word Templates.

  1. Dynamics Docs can display records from List View and from the record form including child and related records. If you wish to display records from list view, like listing all unresolved cases, in CRM 2016 you need to use an Excel Template not Word Template of CRM 2016.


  1. When listing child records, whether the records are selected in list view or from an open record (form view), in Dynamics Docs you can apply a filter which is an entity view. To display the record of a client (Account) and all its unresolved cases, select the “All Unresolved Cases” view, when the template is designed. CRM 2016 Word Template does not have the feature to filter records by view. In the above example, all active and resolved cases will be displayed, for the selected Account.


  1. With Dynamics Docs, at any stage of designing a template, users can add attributes (fields) from views of related records. In CRM 2016 Word Template, when creating a new document template, you first generate the Word template in CRM by selecting the entity and the related entities to the entity (1:N, N:1, N:N Relationship). If one of these relationships is not included in the template, and you find it at a later stage in your template design, there is no way to add this relationship then. All you can do is start again.

4.Dates and quantity fields need to be formatted in CRM for proper display in the document. Most documents require Date only (not Date & time) and only 2 decimal places, and not 5 as some fields in CRM.

5.With Dynamics Docs you can perform the following:

  1. Insert today’s date.
  2. Insert maths calculations like sum, average and count.
  3. Insert logical operation. A good example is when you wish to create a statement like document and insert fields with negative values in one column of a table and positive values in another, like invoices in the Debit column and payments in the Credit column.


Download Dynamics Docs Trial Version here

Download Dynamics PDF-Docs Trial Version here

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